Friday, May 20, 2005

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Peruvians are like Canadians

Okay I figure it's about time to start making some posts about our trip. One thing that we noticed is that Peruvians talk a lot like Canadians. You know how Canadians always say "ay" or "you know" after about everything they say. Well Peruvians also do this though they say "yah" after everything. They say it really fast too it's not a long yah. They say stuff like "it's cold out today, yah" or "you owe me 20 sole's yah" or if you say thank you they'll respond with "yah" instead of you're welcome or de nada which I think is what is spanish for you're welcome.

Pretty much everyone we talked to spoke spanish even if they knew English because Doug can speak spansih. I can understand it a bit but can't really speak much at all so I usually just smile and nod if someone says something to me in spanish. They just don't like speaking English. We had an "English speaking" guide when we went to see the Pisac ruins. We didn't plan on having a guide he was just there and asked if we wanted one so we said sure. He found out Doug spoke spanish and knew I didn't but he spoke spanish anyway even after Doug told him I didn't speak spanish and asked if he could speak in English. He either didn't understand him or hear him or didn't really speak English like he said. Doug translated some for me but it was kinda hard to translate everything cuz he was talking so fast and we were in a hurry because we had to get back to our cab that was waiting for us to take us back in an hour. An hour wasn't really enough time to spend there but we took what we could get. It was fairly late in the day and we were about the only people there which was a nice change compared to the other places we had been.

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  1. Yah, de nadais the Spanish equivalent of "You're welcome" but it actually means "Is nothing"

    Guess my lack of enthusiasm about foreign travel is the no-speakee the language thing--I don't speak any other language well enough to function in any country where English isn't well-known. It does cut down the honeymoon possibilities.