Friday, May 27, 2005

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My Resume

I had this voicemail when I got to work the other day. It was kinda funny. It was a guy calling and he works for Cingular, as do I. He had some questions about some equipment that we use. But the weird part is how he found me. He was searching the internet for info on CP800's. He apparently did not come up with much. He said the only thing he could find in his search for CP800 info was my resume! :O Apparently I have in my resume that I have mad CP800 skillz or something. I haven't really updated it in a while, not sure what's on it. I could look, but I'm too lazy. But I'm not too lazy to put a link to my resume on my blog. This equipment is a DACS that does T1 and DS0 crossconnects. The equipment has been owned by several different companies over the years and each one changes it's name. It was once called IMACS, CP800, 1518, and now it's apparently back to IMACS, I think there was another name too but I can't remember what it was. This guy probly could have found more info on these boxes if he knew all of it's alternate names. We have always called them CP800's though. I'm not sure why but that name seems to have stuck more than any of the others. I just thought it was funny how this guy found me. He musta saw that I work for Cingular on my resume and looked my number up in the global address book or Peoplesoft. SO the end of the story is that I gave him the info he wanted and he was a happy camper.

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