Monday, April 25, 2005

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skinny minnie

I know there's people that would give a lot to have the kind of metabolism I have. And it is nice most of the time. It is however embarassing when you have to resort to buying kids clothes cuz none of the adult clothes will fit you. Yes I actually did this today and have done it in the past. I wanted to buy some new pants at REI for our Peru trip. I'm not planning on bringing any jeans because they are well rather heavy to be lugging around all over in a backpack or wearing them all the time so I'm trying to travel as lightly as possible since the majority of the time we will be carrying all of our luggage all the time. So I went to REi hoping to find some nice clearance pants of which I didn't really find any though I tried on a few things that were much too big. It's sad when you can't even fit into a size 4, which appears to be the smallest women's size they have. :o The waists are just too big. So I sneaked over to the kids clothes section and tried on a couple of XL Girls clothes and actually found something that fit pretty well. It's actually been quite a while since I've resorted to kids clothes. One good benefit about buying kids clothes is they are almost 50% cheaper than adults clothes. Score! Hmm maybe I should buy kids clothes more often. :)