Friday, April 01, 2005

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Happy April Fools Day!!

So I had this plan at work. Well someone else gave me the idea and gave me the goods but I'm the one that set it up. So I was told that you can actually buy Harry Potter Jelly Beans. You know all those gross flavors they had in the movie. So a few days later which was actually a couple weeks ago he stops by and hands me a box and told me I should put them out for April Fools. It's just a small box probly less than 50 beans so I put it in my candy dish today for people to eat. The last couple days I've had easter candy in it so I didn't think it would be too far off the wall to have jelly beans in my candy dish. I've had them before. Well I haven't seen anyone go near my candy dish yet today :( A lot of people took the day off. For good reason I guess. The day's already half over. Eat up people! Here's a list of the different flavors. There are actually some regular flavored ones.

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