Wednesday, April 06, 2005

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Changing Recipes

Ok it really torks me when a restaurant you go to changes the way they make stuff. Or when a restaurant has diff chefs and depending on who the chef is the dish is totally different. I can understand diff restaurants making something a diff way but if it's one restaurant I think they should use the same recipes no matter who is chefing. I have run across this several times.

1) Venus Cafe - They have/had the best puttanesca, it was one of my fav dishes at this place. BUT, depending on who was the chef when we were there it was either really good or really bad. Apparently other customers had complained about liking one over the other and there was so much controversy over this that they ended up taking it off their menu altogether even though it was one of their more popular menu items. IRKED me!

2) Main Street Ale House - They had some of the best chicken wings. Not the sauce covered messy ones which are good too sometimes, but they had the breaded crispy spicey chicken wings. One day they just decided to up and change how they made em and no more can you get the crispy spicey yummy ones I used to love. :(

3) Today I got some Egg Foo Yung from a chinese restaurant I don't go to very often but I know I've ordered this from them before. It used to be really good a nice thick brown gravy over these patties of egg and vegetables. I get it today and wth it's now got a bunch of nasty mushrooms (which I hate) and the gravy was all runny. Seemed/tasted like mushroom broth or something. I don't know if there was a diff chef today or if they just changed the way they make it. Grrr
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