Monday, April 25, 2005

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Almost vacation time!

Doug and I will be leaving Thurday for our trip to Peru! I'm so ready for vacation. Hard to believe it's almost here already! We finally have all of our reservations made for the hotels we'll be staying at and transportation. Well all except for one night where we are planning on staying with a family on Lake Titicaca. That should be an interesting experience. We still haven't figured out what we'll be doing everywhere yet. There are lot sof museums and ruins to visit. We will have plenty of time on our 20+ hour trip to Cusco to get that figured out I'm sure. We both have diff travel books that will have lots of suggested places to visit. Here's the final schedule:

Apr 28 Fly to Lima/Cusco
Apr 29 Get to Cusco 6:50 AM – EL BALCON
Apr 30 Cusco – EL BALCON
May 01 Machu Picchu Village (train to Machu Picchu Village) – GRINGO BILLS
May 02 Machu Picchu Village (train to Ollanta) – EL ALBERGUE
May 03 Ollanta – EL ALBERGUE
May 04 Train to Puno (8:00 am departure from Cusco) EL BUHO
May 05 Puno EL BUHO
May 06 Amantane or Taquile
May 07 Puno day night in Lima (fly to Lima 6:05 pm) HOSTAL EL PATIO
May 09 Day in Lima head home late late late that night

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