Monday, March 14, 2005

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REI Dividend

Got my REI Dividend a few weeks ago and I just got back from spending it all. I got a big one this year $228! I use my REI Credit Card a lot and I get 1% cashback at the end of the year to go on an REI shopping spree. Two years ago I bought a bike and last year I don't remember what I got I think it was just a bunch of little things clothes and stuff. This year I got some stuff for our trip to Peru:


I was thinking about getting one of those travel packs with the wheels so I wouldn't have to carry it around in the airports but those things are just too bulky and heavy so I decided to go with the one I did. It was much lighter and easier to handle. It comes with a day pack too and it's quite comfortable. One more thing I would like to get for the trip is some good sunglasses. Ones with polarized lenses.

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  1. These look like they'll work great for you for years to come! Isn't it nice to get freebies?