Friday, March 18, 2005

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Palm Reading

So Doug and I went out to Gallo's (Gallo de oro) and MSAH (Main Street Ale House) in Bothell last night. It's funny there's this lady that frequents these places, which we haven't seen in a while, but anyway she goes to Gallo's sometimes and we heard her talking about it one day and we laughed at her because she pronounces it wrong. She calls it Gal ohs but it's a mexican restaurant and it's really pronounced guy ohs. So anywho last night we met some people at MSAH and we were talking to em and Doug said we had dinner at Gal ohs. Ever since we heard this other lady call it that we've been calling it that. I have no idea why just cuz we think it's funny. So now when we talk about the place to other people we don't really think about it and we say it wrong. I had to correct him after he said it cuz the people we were talking to didn't know what we were talking about.

At MSAH they had some bag pipers there playing some music. They were there last year but it didn't seem quite as loud this time, though it was still loud. We met a couple of new people that claim to be regulars even though I don't think we've ever seen them there before. One girl we met got drunk after three beers and she started reading people's palms. I don't think i've had my palms read before and I'm not sure how good she really is at it. She claims she only does it when she's drunk. I apparently have a very long life line and a short love line and I'm very analytical and she kept saying over and over again that I need to take more vitamins. Pfft. I just started taking multi-vitamins on a fairly regular basis this year. She says I need to take supplements too and started going off on all these things I need to take. Good grief. I probably should take a calcium supplement but I don't think all these others she listed are really necessary. My women's one a day should do the trick. This girl also likes petting people's hair and grabbing guys butts. Did I mention she was drunk?


  1. And she was a married drunk girl too. Her hubby was with her. He thinks she's pretty fun too.

  2. Drunk guys are a pain in the a** tho--I remember from my bartending days.