Monday, March 21, 2005

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Ortho Journal

So with the advice from my co-worker, I've started an ortho journal because I just have not been happy with the service I've gotten so far from these people. Here are the last three entries from the journal.

3/18 - Bracket on top 3rd from back right came off while eating breaded fish. Removed the bracket as it was sliding along the wire in front of my space.

3/20 - Lower bracket below tooth where other bracket came off came loose while eating bread. It did not slide around and wans't uncomfortable so left bracket on. In the morning my tooth was hurting so I removed it which was more challenging than the other since I had to slide the bracket under the tight wire.

3/21 - called to make an appt to have brackets put back on. Talked to Heidi? she said next appt avail was not till wed 3/23 at 12:10 and that was the only thing open for the rest of the week. I had to cancel a mtg to make the wed appt.

Previous entries included my expriences with being the guinea pig for the new people in the office.

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