Thursday, March 24, 2005

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Gimmay PB LOCO

Meeting Moe tonight before my hair appt in Renton to get my PB Loco. As I mentioned before I worked out a trade with Javvy PB Loco for candles. Moe made the swap for us last time she was in MN... Luckily she lives not too far away, in Renton. Usually only time I get out that way is when I get my hair colored. I used to live in Renton and she's actually the one that recommended this place. I really like em and I've tried several other places closer to where I work but none of them do as good a job as Wendy at Salon Tii Gavo so I just keep coming back. I dont really get my hair colored that often. It's usually a once or twice a year event. I don't do anything drastic usually something close to my natural color with some added highlights or shades. I don't like getting a color that I have to keep going back every month or two to have my roots colored.

I think I will borrow a plastic spoon from work to eat some pb loco on the way home tonight. hehe


  1. Sweet Nectar of the Nut Gods, Ambrosia on a Spoon.

  2. Better take two spoons, because if you mention this to your colorist she'll want sum too. :D

  3. Next time, I'll remember to bring along a little pint-o-moo. :D This morning Gappy said (in IM) she sure wished she'd had some on her way home.

    BP Loco is yummbly stuff indeed. I like the White Chocolate Raspberry - but I left my jar in MD. Grumble. I look forward to going back to MN so I can pick up some MORE!!

    I'll be taking orders for the Western Washington - if anyone beside Gappy is intersted. I'll keep ya posted on when the next trip will be.

  4. i wanna try the raspberry!