Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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Gettin' shot up today

Wow the busyness at work continues. I kinda like being busy again it makes the days go by much faster that's for sure! We're doing site audits of all the "orange" cingular sites and I'm helping getting the data from the audits into our database along with all my other work that I'm doing.

Doug and I are getting our immunization shots today for our Peru trip. Not sure yet which ones we're getting but I think there will be a lot. I need to get updated on my MMR and Tetanus and we'll probly get Typhoid and Hep A and maybe others. We're meeting someone to talk about where we're going and they're supposed to recommend what immunizations to get then we decide which ones we want to take. Appt is in an hour! I hope none of them make me sick.

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