Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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Finally decided to take some pics of my braces... I got purple bands on the bottom and clear on the top. Every 5 weeks when I go in for adjustments I can get diff colors put on so I think I'm gonna try a diff color each time I go in on the bottom and always get the clear on top. What color should I get next? They have teal, black, blue, red, green, grey, yellow, orange, pink, and a bunch of other colors I can't remember.

you might notice the bands on the top are kinda yellow. That happened on sunday when we were out at Fado's Irish Pub in Seattle and I had some Chicken Curry that stained em yellow. They'll just stay yellow I guess until I have them replaced in April.


  1. I'd pick teal... but without seeing the shade, it might look too green and be kinda ooky on your teeth... barring that, i'd go with something bright as to be obviously not food stuck in there.. :D

    bright blue or red.. :)

  2. Match them to your favorite lipstick?

    Hm, no--then you'll look like you have lipstick in your braces. Maybe a pretty teal...