Thursday, March 31, 2005


Dayum where's Moocoow when you need him. I bet he would have LOVED this page about peeps.

Wow this guy is weird. If you go to his main page he burns all kinds of stuff, check it out!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Woo nothing like free jewelry. Thanks to Moe for blogging about this site that is giving away free sterling silver jewelry. All you have to do is pay for shipping. I finally found a ring that might be small enough to fit on my scrawny little fingers. Here's a pic of what I got for 5.99.

Monday, March 28, 2005

I bet your cat likes...

olives! Green olives!

No really, I bet they do. Try it! So Doug made me a martini on Friday with lots of olives. Not long after the martini making he pet his cat Thor and Thor just started freakin out on his hand. Licking, nibbling, biting his hand. Took us a little while but finally figured out it was the olive juice that his was freakin for. His other cat seemed to enjoy it as well. That is goofy. So I decided to try it out on my cat too. Geez she loves olives too. That is the weirest thing I've ever heard a cat liking. I bet your cat likes green olives too or at least the olive juice. We didn't try giving them a whole olive.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Do the IPOD Shuffle

We did this back in mid January, and it's time again for Shuffle Music Challenge. Here are Moe's results

1. Open up the music player on your computer.
2. Set it to play your entire music collection.
3. Hit the "shuffle" command.
4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. That's right, no skipping that Carpenters tune that will totally destroy your hip credibility. It's time for total musical honesty.

IPOD Shuffle (currently have 3341 songs):
01. Wallflowers - Angel on my Bike
02. Bad Religion - Live Again - The Fall of Man
03. Lo Fidelity Allstars - Kasparov's Revenge
04. The Cure - Out of this World
05. Interpol - Obstacle 1
06. The Futureheads - Carnival Kids
07. U2 - Discotheque
08. Pavement - Hit the Plane Down
09. The Crystal Method - Weapons of Mass Distortion
10. Longwave - Everywhere you turn
11. Gypsy Kings - Zorba the Greek

What's in your library??

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Color of the month

Teal is the color of the month! Since my brackets fell off I had to get them put back on and in order for them to get put back on I had to have my old bands and wire taken out to get them back on. So I got to pick new colors! yay. I went clear again on the top and teal for the bottom. Sorry grend31 and Doug, black will have to wait for next time which will probly be less than 5 weeks away since I'm scheduled for a tightening the beginnig of next month. My appt to get my brackets back on was basically the same as what an adjustment/tightning appt would be like. I guess I'm going to have to get spacers again though for the way back so they can put bands on the way back teeth. I hear that's not very pleasant so I'm not looking forward to that appt next month.

Gimmay PB LOCO

Meeting Moe tonight before my hair appt in Renton to get my PB Loco. As I mentioned before I worked out a trade with Javvy PB Loco for candles. Moe made the swap for us last time she was in MN... Luckily she lives not too far away, in Renton. Usually only time I get out that way is when I get my hair colored. I used to live in Renton and she's actually the one that recommended this place. I really like em and I've tried several other places closer to where I work but none of them do as good a job as Wendy at Salon Tii Gavo so I just keep coming back. I dont really get my hair colored that often. It's usually a once or twice a year event. I don't do anything drastic usually something close to my natural color with some added highlights or shades. I don't like getting a color that I have to keep going back every month or two to have my roots colored.

I think I will borrow a plastic spoon from work to eat some pb loco on the way home tonight. hehe

Monday, March 21, 2005

Ortho Journal

So with the advice from my co-worker, I've started an ortho journal because I just have not been happy with the service I've gotten so far from these people. Here are the last three entries from the journal.

3/18 - Bracket on top 3rd from back right came off while eating breaded fish. Removed the bracket as it was sliding along the wire in front of my space.

3/20 - Lower bracket below tooth where other bracket came off came loose while eating bread. It did not slide around and wans't uncomfortable so left bracket on. In the morning my tooth was hurting so I removed it which was more challenging than the other since I had to slide the bracket under the tight wire.

3/21 - called to make an appt to have brackets put back on. Talked to Heidi? she said next appt avail was not till wed 3/23 at 12:10 and that was the only thing open for the rest of the week. I had to cancel a mtg to make the wed appt.

Previous entries included my expriences with being the guinea pig for the new people in the office.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Palm Reading

So Doug and I went out to Gallo's (Gallo de oro) and MSAH (Main Street Ale House) in Bothell last night. It's funny there's this lady that frequents these places, which we haven't seen in a while, but anyway she goes to Gallo's sometimes and we heard her talking about it one day and we laughed at her because she pronounces it wrong. She calls it Gal ohs but it's a mexican restaurant and it's really pronounced guy ohs. So anywho last night we met some people at MSAH and we were talking to em and Doug said we had dinner at Gal ohs. Ever since we heard this other lady call it that we've been calling it that. I have no idea why just cuz we think it's funny. So now when we talk about the place to other people we don't really think about it and we say it wrong. I had to correct him after he said it cuz the people we were talking to didn't know what we were talking about.

At MSAH they had some bag pipers there playing some music. They were there last year but it didn't seem quite as loud this time, though it was still loud. We met a couple of new people that claim to be regulars even though I don't think we've ever seen them there before. One girl we met got drunk after three beers and she started reading people's palms. I don't think i've had my palms read before and I'm not sure how good she really is at it. She claims she only does it when she's drunk. I apparently have a very long life line and a short love line and I'm very analytical and she kept saying over and over again that I need to take more vitamins. Pfft. I just started taking multi-vitamins on a fairly regular basis this year. She says I need to take supplements too and started going off on all these things I need to take. Good grief. I probably should take a calcium supplement but I don't think all these others she listed are really necessary. My women's one a day should do the trick. This girl also likes petting people's hair and grabbing guys butts. Did I mention she was drunk?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Finally decided to take some pics of my braces... I got purple bands on the bottom and clear on the top. Every 5 weeks when I go in for adjustments I can get diff colors put on so I think I'm gonna try a diff color each time I go in on the bottom and always get the clear on top. What color should I get next? They have teal, black, blue, red, green, grey, yellow, orange, pink, and a bunch of other colors I can't remember.

you might notice the bands on the top are kinda yellow. That happened on sunday when we were out at Fado's Irish Pub in Seattle and I had some Chicken Curry that stained em yellow. They'll just stay yellow I guess until I have them replaced in April.

Gettin' shot up today

Wow the busyness at work continues. I kinda like being busy again it makes the days go by much faster that's for sure! We're doing site audits of all the "orange" cingular sites and I'm helping getting the data from the audits into our database along with all my other work that I'm doing.

Doug and I are getting our immunization shots today for our Peru trip. Not sure yet which ones we're getting but I think there will be a lot. I need to get updated on my MMR and Tetanus and we'll probly get Typhoid and Hep A and maybe others. We're meeting someone to talk about where we're going and they're supposed to recommend what immunizations to get then we decide which ones we want to take. Appt is in an hour! I hope none of them make me sick.

Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm a New Mommy

I discovered I'm the mommy of 9 baby platies! I was cleaning out my filters in my 29 gallon and I pulled out the outside filter and was about to dump the water out and noticed there were some little babies in the filter :o I got out my baby saver and put it in the tank and dumped the water into it and counted out 9 little babies. They are still really small but their egg sacks are gone. They probably haven't been in there for too long. I'm sure there were a lot more that didn't make it into the filter and ended up in some fishes tummy. I was pretty surprised there were that many. She must have had a bunch of babies. Here's a pic I took of a couple of the babies.

REI Dividend

Got my REI Dividend a few weeks ago and I just got back from spending it all. I got a big one this year $228! I use my REI Credit Card a lot and I get 1% cashback at the end of the year to go on an REI shopping spree. Two years ago I bought a bike and last year I don't remember what I got I think it was just a bunch of little things clothes and stuff. This year I got some stuff for our trip to Peru:


I was thinking about getting one of those travel packs with the wheels so I wouldn't have to carry it around in the airports but those things are just too bulky and heavy so I decided to go with the one I did. It was much lighter and easier to handle. It comes with a day pack too and it's quite comfortable. One more thing I would like to get for the trip is some good sunglasses. Ones with polarized lenses.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Rare Martinis

I've been so busy at work this week that I'm so far behind on reading blogs it's not even funny. I don't think I'll ever catch up. It's amazing how much you can miss in just a week. I've barely even been at home either. We have had our new Cingular people on our team come visit from Atlanta this week and have been keeping busy training them and stuff. Some of them left today and the rest are leaving tomorrow. Level 3 took us out to dinner last night at Jager's in Kirkland. Never heard of this place before yesterday but it was really good and they had some pretty interesting drinks of which I had to try a couple.

Here's the ones I tried:
Ice cold Horseradish-infused vodka with a suggestion of Grand Marnier garnished with a grilled beef tenderloin tip.
An orgy of spiced Rum, pureed pear, fresh lime, ground nutmeg, Angostura bitters and superfine sugar. Truly addictive; cinnamon-roasted pecan garnish.

I also tried a couple that other people ordered:
Fresh Basil and Yellow Bell Pepper shaken with fresh lime, grapefruit, and vanilla Vodka.
Red currant married with Vanilla Vodka.
I think this one was my favorite. Tasted like a creamcicle.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Software Upgrades

I finally decided to get my work's Laptop computer upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. I've been avoiding it as long as I could. I hate having to reinstall everything. They took it away on Tuesday afternoon and I just got it back this morning. So I've spent all morning re-installing stuff. It actually seems to be running a bit faster and booting up faster so that is a good thing! I've got just about everything re-installed. The only reason I decided to finally upgrade is because everyone else on my team is on XP and starting a couple of weeks ago I couldn't open a document from my boss that I needed to and I figured it was because we were running different versions of Word. The only way I could get my Word upgraded was to upgrade my Windows as well. So, I did it and the problem I was having with this document has disapeared and my computer runs faster so it's all good!