Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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Working from home!

Yay working from home today as I'm carless and had no way to get to work. What a bummer. So, since I'm working from home today I am planning on getting some much needed yard work done. I know I won't get it all done but I'll at least get a good start on it I'm hoping. At least it's not raining and not supposed to for at least a couple days.

Things I need to do today:
1. Trim Rhodies: probably have 15 of these things spread around my back/side/front yard. The person who lived here before must have really liked them.
2. Trim roses: have about 4 roses all diff varieties shouldn't take too long
3. Trim Hydrangeas. have about 4 of those.
4. Trim Japanese Maple in the front yard
5. Trim some other odds and ends and things I dont know what they're called around the house.
6. Throw out broken pot

Stuff I still need to do but probably won't get to today:
1. Weed weed weed
2. Hack blackberry bushes
3. Buy more gravel to put on side of yard around herb garden and hot tub


  1. send da blackberry bushes this way!! :)

  2. I'd be happy to! they're worse than weeds here they grow everywhere they please and don't stop for nothing. I can't really kill them cuz they're on someone else's property but they're growing over the fence into mine. It's nice when they have berries I can just go in the backyard and pick as many as I want but the rest of the time I hates em!

  3. Oooooooh! You grow yer own roses? Do you ever keep the rosehips? You can scent them for neato-cool-primitive potpourri.

  4. I got most of my yard work done yesterday that I wanted to. Everything except the rhodies. Some of them are pretty sickly looking so I may just pull em out.