Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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Stoopid Punks

So, Sunday Doug and I were planning to go watch the Superbowl at a bar near his house. That ended up not happening because of some stoopid ass hat punk kids.

SO here's what happened. Sunday morning about 4:20 Doug and I are awakened by some loud noise. Had no idea what it was sounded like someone dropped something large in the back of his condo or in a neighbor's garage. We both wake up and ask what was that? We laid there for a while not hearing anything. Was about to fall back asleep then we heard more clunking around though not as loud as before. I had then just remembered that I forgot to turn my car alarm. So Doug, the sweetie that he is, offered to go get my keys and turn on my alarm for me. Car is parked in back of his garage so he went out to my car via the garage where he found my car with a busted window. *sigh* So some tards broke into my car and tried to take my new stereo. I think the light that was turned on scared them off. They didn't quite make off with the stereo. Looked like they were pretty close to getting it out too. The plastic around the stereo is all ripped to crap and I think they just tore the face plate off cuz it won't even go back on right. They seemed to have no clue how to steal a stereo. If they did manage to eventually get it out I don't think they'd be able to get anyone to buy it in it's condition.

There is one good thing about this though. Well two actually. 1) they didn't make off with anything, oh except for the stereo remote. Which I never used anyway. and 2) I had just gotten my car back from getting fixed on friday and had gutted it out so had nothing for them to steal. Actually I'm rather surprised they didn't even look in the trunk. They could have easily stolen my sub woofer. Morons!

So, yesterday I got the window fixed and today after work I'm going over to car toys to see if they can put the thing back together again.

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