Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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Stoopid People

I can't believe how stoopid some people can be. I mean really? Why can't we just shoot all the stoopid people?

So I went to Car Toys after work yesterday to see if they can do anything to fix my stereo. Turns out they bent some stuff on the front of the stereo, making it useless. Why damage something so bad while you're trying to steal it, making it useless junk? Tell meh?? I don't get it!! grr so I had to foot out another couple hundred dollars for a new stereo. I didn't get the Kenwood again. I decided to go with an Eclipse which is supposedly the least stolen car stereo. Not because it's a piece of crap, it's not a piece of crap btw. But because it locks up if you try to steal it and the only way to get it to work again is if you have the super secret cd that I used as my "CD key". If you're unsuccessful at guessing what cd is my Key CD it will lock you out and you have to take it in to a dealer to get it turned back on and once you do that they'll know it was stolen. So hah take that you car stereo stealers! It came with these cute little stickers I can put all over my car that say "WARNING Stolen radio is disabled and traced electronically". Maybe that'll scare em away! Oh also, if it gets stolen within a year the mfg will replace it! That's a damn good deal.

So now only thing left to fix is the plastic piece that goes around the stereo. I'll have to go to a dealer to get that replaced most likely. Stoopid people really erk me.

ps. my teeth hurt stoopid spacers!


  1. I cannot wait for DNA-coded car security system that deconstructs any idiot not in the DNA profile of people allowed to touch your car atom by atom.

  2. I'd settle for turning the little asshats into a mini-black hole.