Monday, February 28, 2005

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My brother

So I was talking to my brother the other day on IM.

Me: Hey could you tell mom to call me some time? I can never get ahold of her cuz dad's always on the internet.
Him: Sure.
Me: They really need to get voicemail or something.
Him: yeah or DSL
Me: So anything knew with you?
Him: Diana (his gf) is moving off base
Me: oh I didn't know she was living on base why is she moving?
Him: cuz base sucks
Me: um ok so why was she living on base in the first place?
Him: Cuz that's where her hubby lives
Me: uh hubby? uh okay
Him: yeah she finally got enough money to move out with the kids
Me: ok good for her I guess. She moving in with you?
Him: God no! And don't tell mom, she doesn't know about this.

So my brother is seeing someone that's still married and has kids. He hates kids I'm not really sure what he's doing with her. He says they broke up a few days ago but t hey're back together cuz he "didn't have anything to lose". Okay whatever. So we got to talking about how he never wants kids and doesn't want any girls moving in cuz he likes his space. Which is a lot like the way I feel. I don't want kids and I don't want to move in with Doug either because I like my space too. Bro thinks it has something to do with the way we were raised. Maybe so, I dunno. I was married once for 9 years. I know what it's like and well it wasn't really that great. I'm sure it can be with the right person though. Right now though, I'm in the liking my space mode. Sleep overs are always nice but I like having a place to call my own. I have been thinking for a while about finding a smaller place, a place that doesn't require so much yard work. I don't mind a little yard work but geez mine is just crazy. I bought a riding lawn mower last year from a gal in my van pool for $100 or something. It's not quite in working condition though. It has an oil leak and the battery doesn't seem to stay charged so I've got to get it looked at so I can start using it this year. Some of my neighbors have already mowed their lawns this year. The weather has just been so nice for the last week or two. Doug and I went for a nice bike ride yesterday. We are back to rain today though. :(

1 comment :

  1. Kids, hummm..
    I love my kids, and there are times I'm VERY ready for them to move out, but most times not.

    If I'd have stayed with my "big plan" I would have been 28 or 29 before having children, instead of 20. At that point, I'm not sure I'd have opted to do so. Hinesight is always 20/20, but this is not 100% clear to me, so many things would have been different.

    Gappy, it's odd that your Bro is hooked up with a gal with kids, especially if he's not intested. ~ shrug ~ They will always be a part of her life, so he'll have to learn to deal I guess.

    Crazy things people do!