Tuesday, February 01, 2005

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I haven't taken the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Personality Test in a few years. I remember the first time I took it, it was for my first job in high school more than 10 years ago. At that time I was an INTJ. I've taken it a couple times since then and just took it again today after talking about it in the vanpool. I'm now an ISTJ. The description seems to fit me pretty well. I apparently have the same personality type as GWB. :o


  1. The MBTI = ISFJ

    Characteristics Frequesntly Associated with Your Type:

    The ISFJ Type: Quiet, freindly, responsible, and conscientious. Work devotedly to meet their obligations. Lend stability to any project or group. Thorough, painstaking, and accurate. Their interest are usually not technical. Can be patient with necessary details. Loyal, considerate, perceptive, concerned with how other people feel.

    Gee. That's not me at all.