Sunday, February 13, 2005

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Happy Valentines Day!

Well close enough. Doug and I celebrated on Saturday. We usually combine our anniversary and valentines day. We started going out around that time. It's been 3 years. Hard to believe it has been that long since the end of my marriage and the beginning of my new life and my relationship with Doug. We went out to dinner at El Gaucho, a very nice steakhouse in downtown Seattle. Kinda funny neither of us ordered steak though. I got one of the fish specials, Swordfish which was way yummay. Doug got the flaming game hen which actually comes out on skewer and they catch it on fire at the table. They also have a caesar salad that they prepare right at your table. They make the dressing in front of you from scratch.

We also exchanged gifts on saturday. I got him some cute little absinthe glasses with a devil on em and some devil absinthe spoons. He got me an ipod! I felt bad cuz I know he spent way more on my gift than I did on his. I've been wanting an ipod though I probably wouldn't have bought myself one. They are pretty kewl. I just downloaded a bunch of music onto it. Gonna use it at work and it will be good for our trip to Peru.

Speaking of Peru we made our flight reservations this weekend. The flight we wanted that goes the panama city wasn't available anymore. So that will let us spend one more day in Peru, either at Lake Titicaca or Arequipa which might allow us to go to a hot springs in colca canyan. We shall see. We still need to get a few immunizations. Gotta do that soon. We also made reservations for two nights at El Albergue's matrimonial suite for $30/nt near Machu Picchu.

We are planning on going out to lunch for valentines day and tuesday we are going to a dance to practice some of our swing moves