Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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So I had a bit dilemma this weekend... I heard U2 would be coming to Seattle and tickets would go on sale via Ticketmaster Saturday morning. Kewl, I love U2. I hate ticketmaster... They were to go on sale at 11:00... Okay so I got up around 8:30 or so checked my mail. hmm email from The Killers says they coming to Seattle for a concert. woohoo! ok so go to website check the schedule to see when/where they're going to be playing. Do you see where I'm going here? You guessed it they coming the same night as U2! Those frellers. Tickets are to go on sale at 10:00 that morning! Well, what do I do? What do you do? I check the tour schedules again to see if either of them are going to be playing in Portland or Vancouver. Don't really want to leave for a concert in the middle of the week. Only option is The Killers in Vancouver on a saturday night. Kewl so I ordered my Killers tickets so going to that concert, now all I gotta do is get tickets to the U2 concert right? WRONG tickets for U2 sell out in 2 minutes. I hate ticketmaster. I keep trying just in case. It doesn't even say they're sold out it just says no tickets available. So I'm thinking maybe something's wrong with their system which wouldn't surprise me I mean thousands of people are trying to buy tickets at the same time I'm sure. I try for like a half hour with no luck.

What's this? They added another show! I click on the link tickets aren't for sale yet poo. I try every now and then and a few mins later they are selling tickets to the 2nd show. Of course it's sold out by the time I try to get tickets. Stoopid U2. So we could have gotten tickets for The Killers in Seattle since we not going to U2. Oh well Vancouver's fun. Will have to go to Chinatown they have the best chinese food evar! Oh and just for fun I checked ebay to see how much U2 tickets are going for. Like $400 you gotta be kidding meh!


  1. According to the radio (which never lies) U2 offered an apology for the fact that there was a huge number of scalpers who were unintentionally included in the pre-release "fan club" offering. It sounds like there were almost no tickets left when they actually went on sale to the general public, including the second show.

  2. That truly sucks! (No, that's not the word of the day, it's just the one coming to mind the most). And $400 on eBay? OWEEEEEEEE.

    Maybe U2 has dates in Vancouver?