Saturday, February 26, 2005

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Candles for PB Loco

So I worked out this deal with Javvy (I refuse to call him Beowo1|=!) to send me some PB Loco in exchange for some candles. :D

He seems to like the candles I gave him for Christmas. I still have some of those scents leftover but I have a few new ones too. I'm not sure which ones to do for him. What do you think Javvy? And no you can't have all of them if that's what you're thinking. Here's what I've got.

Moe, I still plan on seeing you sometime soon to give you a mulberry, let me know if any of these others strike your fancy and I'll make you some too.

Lily of the Valley
Cinnamon Bun
Country Grove
Evergreen Pine
Eucalyptus - not sure about this one, it wasn't quite what I expected but haven't used it yet.
Hazelnut Coffee - My fav
Lilac - mom's fav
Blackberry Sage
Cherry Sandalwood - oh wait this one's my fav

I'm making some Lily of the Valley now but I need to make more so let me know what you want so I can make some.

This is not meant to steal any business away from Silly Scented Serra. I'm not really in the retail business of selling candles I just started making these mainly for gifts and for myself. Thanks to Serra's help and suggestions getting me started with this stuff, it's a lotta fun!


  1. Hiya Paula!

    I've created another monster, I see. Goody!

    No problem by me--even if you did sell candles, you get scents from me sometimes, plus you get the fun of making the candles! Sounds like win-win to me.

    I'm honored you like the Cherry Sandalwood so much. That's one of my brainchildren and I love it too.

    Thanks for the mention--what's PB Loco anyhow?

  2. lily of the valley, B-Berry Sage, and Cher Sandlewood are all good!! any of em!

    no wait... ALL of em!! :)

  3. Check out PRM's post about PB Loco there's also a link

  4. Oooooh, DAAAANG! Jav, toss a jar of that nummay stuff this way?

    I'll send Cherry Sandalwood incense...Blackberry Sage incense...and you can beta-test the Lily.

  5. By the way, the mocha PB Loco isn't nearly as good as the regular chocolate. It's still really yummy, but the chocolate flavors are incredible.

  6. YUMMMM!!!

    Do any of you remember Koogle?
    I remember it from the 70's, it was so yummy. Seems they had banana, chocolate and strawberry. I think they had vanilla too, but I don't remember it.

    We used to eat it by the spoon full, straight from the jar.

    Um.. maybe I'll figure out a way to pick some up when I'm in MN next week... YUMMMMMMM

    Gappy - We still need to hook up - I'd be interested in the Haz Coff and Cinny Bun, if you have xtras!


  7. next week? kewl you gonna see javvy? maybe you can bring back the pb loco he bought for me so he doens't have to pay for shipping! You sure do go there a lot.

  8. I'd be happy to bring it back for you.. if Javvy an I can connect. We're talking about having dinner, so it would be perfect. I'd like to bring back some of that myself... yummy!

    MN, at least once a quarter, some times more often. I don't complain much, cause I can use the miles and I usually have a chance to go to MD while I'm out... that's an added bonus to the work part!

    We'll keep you posted on the plan-o-las for the din din!

  9. I'm still pretty partial to Nutella tho...guess it's just that cocoa-hazelnut thing going on...

  10. Nutella=yummy creamy hazelnut and chocolate spread--a bit like eating soft fudge spread on things, like apple slices, banana, plain cookies...mixed with a little extra powdered sugar and milk it rocks on a cake

    Nummay stuff!