Thursday, January 06, 2005

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Winter Storm 2005!

Yes indeed Winter Storm 2005 has hit the Seattle area! Take cover! Yah so we got 1/500th of an inch of snow today and people are freaking out. Ok so they got a bit more on the south end of town and the roads were kind of slippery but it's not the end of the world. Some schools were closed due to icey roads. It turns out that this day last year was Winter Storm 2004. We get like two or three days of snow a year sometimes less sometimes more. We might get more snow tonight and tomorrow. If there's enough I may just stay home tomorrow. And apparently, in case you didn't know... Seattle is the best prepared metropolitan area in the country for snow storms. Somehow I find that hard to believe, but it's true!

Last month the National Weather Service singled us out as more prepared to deal with severe winter weather than any other metro area in the country. The National Weather Service credited our 24 hour warning centers, and above average communication during snowstorms. taken from our local Komo News Station's website! Get your ice scrapers and shovels ready!


  1. I was out there in December a few years ago, interviewing with a very large evil corporation, and one day it was only 34 degrees. Gasp! That was the lead story on all the newscasts. Meanwhile, I'm walking around without a jacket because it feels fantastically warm.

    The sucky part was that I broke a credit card scrapping off my rental car windshield the next day. Blick.

  2. 34 degrees is pretty cold but we actually got into the teens this week! Was hoping for a snow day today but no such luck. it turned to rain so the snow day will have to be put on hold. We might get more snow next week though.

  3. 34 degrees = balmy.

    teens = a wee bit chilly.

    0 = yeah, getting a bit nippy.

    negs = ok there now it's time to bundle up a tad, you betcha.

    Come live in Minnesota, we'll make ya nice and hearty.

  4. It's been colder than Norman.. no wait normal, in Seattle because of the wind. It's not unusual for the temps to be in the 30s and 40s this time of year, but the wind chill.. BITE!

    Snow is a major event here, because we don't have much, or often, the news folks have to stand out in the falling snow (ala Jim Cantori in a Florida Hurricane) and report on what anyone in the area could figure out by stepping outside. It's very hilly here, but one place in downtown "Queen Ann Hill" is always on the news when there is any significant accumulation. It must be fascinating to watch the peeps attempting to enter or leave the neighborhood always slip and slide around. Me, I'd prefer re-run of CSI.

    I'm all for not wearing a coat at 34 degrees, it's not necessary until it's below 30 say, 5 days in a row. I don't even own a jacket. (I purchased a leather jacket the other day, but I would not call leather a cold weather jacket - it's a fashion statement)

    I've live in Minneapolis for a week (mid Dec 04) and can attest to the MUCH COLDER temps especially with the wind. Love the Skyways, but I can only seem to find Rock Bottom. Not a bad thing, they have anti-freeze there.. I mean good beer. I'm thinking I'll have to invest in a jacket for the next trip to Freezy Town, I didn't hear the end of it from my co-workers when they learned I came without one.

    Her comes the wind Paula - it's mighty cold here at the end of Lake Washington. Are we taking bets on Inches?