Thursday, January 13, 2005

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So me and Doug have been taking Swing dance lessons for a while now. I've lost count of how many we've actually taken. We've taken Swing I, a couple of different Swing II's and we are starting up a swing III class tonight. We also took a partial Lindy class in Seattle. We didn't much like the teacher so we skipped a few sessions. Each class is about 6 sessons long and we meet once a week. They also have various dances once a month or so that we usually try to attend.

Swing dancing is actually making a pretty big come back. It was dead for a long time now it's surprising how many people actually do it. There are always dances going on around Seattle. We usually stick to the dances that our dance teachers have. We went to a dance once at a different place in Seattle and it was really different than what we were used to. It wasn't like a normal dance where you bring someone and dance with them most of the night. Everyone was dancing with everyone else. I must have danced with about 5 or 6 diff guys that night that I didn't even know. It was strange. And it was when I was first starting out too so I felt a little awkward not knowing very many moves and stuff. They were mostly pretty nice and helpful. In the classes we take we dance with everyone in the class too so you get to see how other people dance and some are just really really bad and others are really really good. It's nice to have that variety of people in a class.

So this is our first class after taking a couple months break so we are a bit out of practice. I'm sure we won't have too much trouble getting back into the groove. We went to a wedding around Halloween that was a costume wedding. We did a little bit of swing dancing at that but I think that was the last time. It'll be nice to get going on that again. There's so many moves to learn.


  1. That could be the coolest wedding ever. That is awesome!

  2. I'm sure you guys will catch the *cough* swing *cough* of it again...

    One of my most classes in College was Ballroom I & II. :/

    I wont tell you how it went. :P

  3. should have been... one of my most fun classes..


  4. my "fun" classes in college was fly fishing and ceramics :)

  5. Where are you in the wedding pix?