Monday, January 24, 2005

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Stoopid Cingular

Most of you know I work for Cingular (previously ATT Wireless). Their IT dept. is a lot more strict than our old one. As of today we can no longer use any webmail like yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail, etc. I have a webmail setup for my mail so I figure that probably won't work either but I gave it a try and hey what d'ya know it works. So I'm gonna start using paula @ at work. I wouldn't be surprised if they start cracking down on our IM programs but so far those are safe. whew


  1. All that stuff is blocked here. No Web mail and no IM software. Plus we have SurfWatch on our browsers, which blocks "inappropriate content." Ooo, I just isn't blocked anymore! Score!

  2. Wow... we all work for nazi's... :) some of us more figuratively, though!

    It's gonna be another wonderful day in the neighborhood!

  3. Ohh... they're after you too now. Bummer.

    I have an account at, because it's not one the big bad brother has decided to lock down.

    :) Goosestepping anyone?