Monday, January 03, 2005

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New Years Eve

It seems around here people always wait to the last minute to plan anything for New Years Eve. Doug and I decided that it was because people are hoping to get invited to a party and when they don't they decide to throw one at the last minute cuz no one else is. We'll stick with that... I was surfing the net earlier that day trying to find something that we could do since we hadn't been invited to any parties yet. There was some live band party thing going on at Pioneer Square downtown that looked promising. I think what we finally decided to do was go some place downtown and work our way back to Bothell through out the evening stopping at various places. It was decided I would be the designated driver cuz well I don't really like getting drunk all that much and it just made sense. We got a call from a friend later that day to see what we were up to for New Years and if we wanted to hang out with him and some other friends. We had no other plans really so we decided we'd do that. He mentioned something about going to watch fireworks at a park around 7 or something. Then we got to thinking um why would they do fireworks at 7 shouldn't they do them at midnight? So we asked him about it and he apparently got 4th of July and New Years mixed up. Oops so he had to call a bunch of people back telling them that wasn't going to happen. Then we get another call from another friend inviting us to a house party at their place. We talk to our other friend again about the party and ask if he wants to go to that and that is what we did. He ended up ditching his other friends which I guess decided to just stay home and drink in the backyard to go to this party with us.

So that is what we did. We went out to dinner first then off to this party where they had some cheese fondu and store bought sushi sampler plate, which was not all that tasty. The sushi that is the fondu was alright, but I was still full from dinner so I didn't eat much of it. Around 11:45 we left the house, a big group of people stampeding through town to this park that has the best view of Seattle in the city, (I actually won a photo contest for a pic I took at this park) carrying about 5 bottles of champaigne and a stack of plastic cups. Took us a lil over 15 mins to get there and it was unbelievably crowded. So we were a little bit late but we got to see a minute or two of the fireworks, they were pretty kewl (sorry Moocow)! Oh it was also raining. We popped open our bottles of champaigne and poured out cups for everyone. The rain stopped and we waddled on back to the house. We got warmed up and had a few more drinks. Had some weird German spiced wine that you drink hot and I can't remember what it was called but it was yummy. Thanks Brian!

A few more drinks were had by all. I'm not sure how much Doug drank that night but he was a bit intoxicated. Doug went out to hang out with some of the smoker peeps outside and came back maybe a half hour later excited or proud or i'm not sure what about having smoked a cigarette. We both can't stand cigarettes so I'm not sure what made him smoke one. He blamed it on the intoxication. I have to admit I was a little upset by this. It's the nastiest habit evar and it makes you stinky. bleh. My ex had this bad habit which he tried to hide from me for the longest time. He never started this habit till after we got married and I was rather furious about it. I had swore the last time I had dated someone who smoked I'd never date a guy that smoked again and here I was married to a smoker. Anyway that's another story. So when Doug told me he had a cigarette I got upset. It really shouldn't have bothered me, but it did. It's not like he does it all the time or even occasionally, it's almost never. I just didn't understand why. Why do it if you don't like it? Why even try it? I guess my thought is you might one day try it and decide you like it afterall and then you'll be addicted to it and won't be able to stop doing it. Both my parents smoked and still do. My mom actually had me going to the store for her to buy cigarettes when I was a kid. 12 year old kid going to the store to buy her parents cigarettes. It sucked. Sometimes the chick at the store would ask to call my mom cuz they thought I was buying em for myself. Or I'd bring a note signed by mom mom so they would give them to me. I hated it! I don't like visiting them for long because their house and car and everything reeks of smoke. I was glad the day I left the house. Bye Bye nasty cigarettes.


  1. ACK! I agree with the "Why even bother??" question, and no one has ever given me a good answer for it.

    Nasty, you bet. Addictive, again - you bet. Am I an x-smoker - nope - but my Soon-to-be-EX was. He quit for a while, maybe a year... glowed about how he could taste and smell and all that jazz, when he stopped. THEN, he started smoking 'cigars' but only on the golf course.. RIGHT! It wasn't long before he was at it again, pack and a half a day. ICK!!

    Shortly after that, he started smoking the 'not so legal' stuff in several different varieties. Just one of the reasons he's the Soon-to-be-EX!!

  2. Yep, it's a totally gross habit. My smokey stench was really bugging me later in the evening/morning. Given the rate at which I smoke, I don't think I've even gone through a whole pack in my entire life. Every once in a while, though (I.E. once every two or three years), I'll see a group of people smoking and I'll wonder what I'm missing. Or I'll see someone blowing smoke rings and I'll want in on the game. And then I'll be disgusted enough with myself that I'll wait another two or three years before I try it again.

  3. That is an awesome pic of Seattle. Very cool.

    I'll smoke the occassional cigar - mostly while camping, since I figure I'll smell like fire and smoke anyway. Well that and because one of my camping buddies smokes cigars.

    Cigarettes I've never seen the attraction to though. I just don't get it. But addiction - as Moe's Soon-to-be-ex proves - can be a powerful thing.

  4. I've smoked a cigar... highly intoxicated, in the south east seas, after a HUGE concert... mmmmm.... Singapore.... it was the whole experience...

    i think there are actually pics of that evening... o.0