Wednesday, January 12, 2005

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My Cookbook

A couple people know about this cookbook that I've started online, but it's not linked to anywhere on my site so it would be pretty hard to find. I probably should put a link up on my front page so people can actually find it or I could just keep it a secret. My online cookbook is something I started back when I was playing AC. We had a thread going on our message board where people were posting recipes so I decided it would be neat to have them all in one place and that's where it started. It has grown a lot since then. I've added co-workers recipes, SWG players recipes and will add more if people send me their fav recipes. So if anyone has any they'd like to share post em here or email em to me and I'll add them to the growing list of recipes. You can find this secret collection of yummy goodness here. I've also got some Alkyhaulic Drink recipes too so send me any good ones you have of those as well.

I just happened to make one of my fav recipes. It's stuffed green peppers. I don't actually have the recipe listed though. You basically make my meat loaf recipe but stuff it into some green peppers and cover it and bake. It's great with mashed tatos. I'm having leftovers for lunch today.

The chicken lasagna rolls are awesome too, I haven't gotten around to making them in a while though, they are a little time consuming to make but oh so good.

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  1. YUMMY - I'm book'n this one. There are so many delicous options here, and wonderful ideas!! I think I'll try the meatloaf this weekend.

    Thanks for sharing!