Friday, January 14, 2005

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My candy dish

So I somehow ended up being the candy supplier for my co-workers. I'm not really sure how it all started but it I'm thinking what happened was I had a bunch of leftover candy from Christmas or Easter or Halloween and I brought it to work in a candy dish just to get rid of it and people started giving me candy to refill it and then well I've just kept it up over the years. I've probably had this thing on the end of my cube for a few years now. I usually provide the candy for it but sometimes I get people bringing me candy to fill it with or give me a couple bucks for it. Here's a pic of my candy bowl that I took with my camera phone.

My candy bowl used to be ceramic. I had this little ceramic bowl that I made in Ceramics class in college. It was one of my first attempts at making a bowl and it wasn't the greatest bowl in the world but I made it. Well one day I found my ceramic candy bowl missing. I come to find out from a co-worker that someone knocked it over and it shattered to pieces. A week or two later I found my bowl back on my cube all glued back together. One of my co-workers felt bad about it so pieced the pieces back together again. Then a couple weeks later it fell and broke to even more pieces and it was then put to rest. I decided a plastic bowl might do better so I went to Target and bought a plastic bowl for a couple bucks and it has worked great.

Right now about all I have is nuts. lots and lost of nuts. Every year for Christmas my mom goes to Sam's Club and gets me and my brother a case of planters peanuts in individually wrapped bags. There's 3 diff kinds. Regular, honey roasted, and cashews. I hoard all the cashes and bring the rest to work to put in my bowl. They seem to last quite a while. People here will eat anything when they're hungry. M&M's seem to go the fastest around here and I actually have some of those but I'm waiting till they eat up some more peanuts before I put the good stuff out.

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