Friday, January 28, 2005

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Getting car fixed

After the accident I got in, I've finally called my insurance and set up an appointment to have it fixed. Turned out I could use some underinsured motorists coverage that I didn't know about and the deductible is only $300. I needed a police report though so I called the police dept told them about it and said that they had to take a look at the car with in 48 hours. crap so that didn't work out. I emailed the insurance people and told em I couldn't get the police report cuz of the 48 hour thing. They called me back saying they were gonna send me a check for the amount of the estimate i sent them minus the $300. wth? I told em I couldn't get the police report so it should have been a $500 deductible not $300 but whatever I didn't complain. So I got the check in the mail the other day and scheduled my baby's owee to get fixed. Was able to find a ride to work without having to drive my car every day next week except wednesday so I'll be workin from home that day.

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