Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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Cheap Soy Sauce

So I grew up in MT and we didn't eat out much, not like there was much to choose from. My dad just doesn't like going out to eat. I'm not sure why but I don't think my family once went out to eat at a sit down restaurant. Last time Doug and I were there a few years ago we actually got them to go out, but the only place my dad will eat is at the Taco Treat over there. And only because it was also a bar and had poker/keno machines. Never had sushi or good seafood till I moved to Seattle cuz we just didn't have them back in MT. I think we actually had a Red Lobster in Billings which I think I got to go to once and loved it, which is pretty sad. No good chinese restaurants either we never even got take out. We sometimes ordered pizza for delivery. If my mom drove, I think we probably would have gotten out a bit more, but she didn't. My dad always came home late and we would usually have already eaten by the time he got home. My dad did the grocery shopping, sometimes mom would go with him but usually he did it by himself. She would make the list and he would go to the store and get what was on the list buying the cheapest thing he could find. Like Pepsodent or something toothpaste, Albertsons brand soda pop, and La Choy soy sauce. I grew up with La Choy soy sauce. I'm not sure if it was the only option at the grocery store but it was always what we ended up with. Not that I'm complaining I love the stuff. And if you take La Choy and compare it to the other brands out there they taste nothing alike. It's like comparing red and white wine. I have a hard time with all these other soy sauces because it's not what I'm used to I guess. Every place I go seems to use Kikkoman soy sauce which was I think the first kind I had bought when I moved here thinking they all taste pretty much the same. Boy was I wrong. I couldn't even eat the stuff I thought it was nasty. I think I may have ended up throwing it out and went back and got La Choy. It's not always easy to find either. It seems a lot of the chinese places out there use kikkoman too. I refused to use the stuff for the longest time. It's starting to grow on me but I still prefer my La Choy.


  1. My favorite is a bottle of Mushroom Soy that was in the pantry... there is still some left.

    Couldn't tell you what the name is.. it's all in some asian scripting... and i've got no chance of recognizing that.

  2. To Root Beer Scented Guy,

    You mean THAT bottle of Mushroom soy that's been there as long as you've lived in the house???

    It did taste pretty good, then...remember it's been three years since I've been to your house.