Wednesday, January 05, 2005

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My teeth have been gradually getting more crooked throughout the years and being one who never went to the dentist when they were a kid, never had teeth cleaned till about age 19, and never had braces. Well now at age 29 I've decided I'm going to get my teeth fixed and insurance will pay about half of it so might as well before they get more messed up than they already are. I went in for a consultation a month or two ago and they gave me a few diff options... 1) jaw surgery, 2) remove two teeth from the top get braces, 3) remove two teeth from the top and two from the bottom and get braces. Invisalign which I was originally checking into wasn't really an option because of my overbite I guess. Jaw surgery kind of scares me so I ruled that out already. Doc things that just removing two on the top should be good enough since lower teeth aren't as crowded. I went and got some xrays done a few weeks ago as the first step. I had another appt this morning to go over the xrays and pictures they took and to talk about the treatment plan and get some moldings made of my teeth. Next step is to get two teeth extracted from the top. That's going to be kind of weird. They're taking out like the 4th tooth from the back so there'll be a big gap there for a while till the rest of my teeth get pushed back to close the gap. I've had my wisdom teeth taken out already so I kind of know what it'll be like. I remember it not being too fun but it'll be a little different taking out teeth that aren't way in the back of your mouth I would think. So I will probably call today and get that appointment set up. Then a week or two after that's done I get spacers put in then bands and impressions done then the actual braces go on. They check em about every 6 weeks or so after that. They'll have to be left on for about 2 years. I just can't wait to get it started so they can come off as soon as possible. Going to get clear ones on top and the regular metal kind on the bottom. It's amazing how many adults get braces these days. I know quite a few adults that have them and see people with em all the time. That makes it a little easier to do. I think a lot more adults are getting braces now than there used to be. Guess I better call and set up my appointment...


  1. Oh I forgot to mention the most exciting part. I got to choose a flavor for the molding stuff. They had all kinds of choices... banana, pina colada, raspberry, cola, bubble gum, cotton candy, and a few others I don't remember now. I went with raspberry. It wasn't so bad.

  2. oh boy.. sounds like phun!


    get lots of pics... we are all interested in seeing the progress.. :)

  3. As someone who has had 8 teeth pulled, including two very close to where you're describing, I can say it's not too bad. Well not like it's something I'd do just for fun, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. The first few days you keep playing with the gaps, but after awhile you forget they're there (until you get a piece of chip wedged up there and then you yelp a bit).

    Yes, lots and lots of pictures please :)

  4. The pics they took last month were pretty neat. They didn't give me any copies of them though. Not sure if they will or not. I should ask. I'm assuming they do a similar picture and xray thing at the end of the treatment too but I don't think they do any in between. They do a simulated video thing though at the end so you can see the progress. I have a friend who went to the same place but he used invisalign and he got this online video thing which was kinda neat. Set up an appt for tomorrow they require a consultation appt before they do anything. Not sure how long after that the teeth extraction will be. Guess I'll make that appt tomorrow after my consultation.