Wednesday, January 05, 2005

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boom ba boom

Doug got me a new speaker system for Christmas! yay! Just set up an appointment to have it installed this weekend! double yay! I was jealous of his new car cuz it sounds way better than mine so he decided to get me that for Christmas. Had me totally fooled too. He gave me some hints as to what it might be and I totally thought I knew what it was and I was totally wrong. He said it was big and said I might have trouble finding a place to put it and it's hard to wrap. I was thinking it had to be some kind of exercise equipment with weights. Cuz I wanted to try and do some weight lifting this year to keep my bones strong cuz my obgyn said that at about age 30 women's bones start to deteriorate and that I should do a lot of exercising to keep them strong so that's what I was gonna do this year. I might still get some dumbells or something, but I've decided to start doing yoga regularly. I have a CD at home that I burned from someone or other and I did it last night. Boy it is kinda hard to watch the tv and do yoga at the same time. My neck ended up hurting the next day from trying to watch the tv. Maybe after I do it a few more times I won't have to look at the tv as often.

So anyway I was thinking it had to be weights. And when I came over to open presents there was this one box that was wrapped. Kinda big box, and it was really heavy. I couldn't even lift it up though I didn't try that hard. I could at least push it. I was thinking this must be a box of weights and the equipment to put it on is hiding in the garage or somewhere else in the house. So I go to open it and it turned out to be a 10" subwoofer in a big wooden speaker box. I was quite surprised and had no idea that's what it was. Good job fooling me! He said the rest of it would be kept at the store till we go to install it. Got some new front speakers and an amp to go with it. I guess we can exchange some of the stuff if it's not the right kind or size.

So I talk to my brother cuz he's a stereo nerd. He's got this low riding truck that has a kick ass stereo system that he built himself. He builds speaker boxes for friends and all kinds of other stuff. So I talked to him to get his advice on what kind of speakers and amps are good to get. I think he gave me way more info than I really wanted and don't think I'll follow all his suggestions cuz it would just be way too much money. But I have at least an idea. One thing he strongly suggested I do is to get a new stereo which I wasn't originally planning on. He said that all factory stereo's basically suck ass. He said he's never seen one you can connect an amp to at least no without using a high input adapter, whatever that is, which is supposed to make the sound a lot worse than it would without using one. So I am going to see about that and possible buy myself a new stereo. The stereo I have no does have some flaws, when there's no CD in the CD player and I play the radio, the radio skips out every 60 seconds or so, it's weird. So I have to always have a CD in the player if I'm going to listen to the radio. So Sunday is when we're going to go to Car Toys and have some fun. Supposed to take a few hours to do so we'll just leave it there and come back later to pick it up. Woo!


  1. It actually was going to be a stereo and weights, but I kind of ran out of Christmas funds.

  2. Well yah stereo equip is anything but cheap. I'm happy with my present, well will be after I get to use it :)