Monday, January 31, 2005


I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to figure out what/when/where/how we are going to plan our trip to Peru. We've made some decisions but there are other more specific things that are yet to be decided. I like to plan things, where as Doug likes to plan as you go. I couldn't imagine going some place and not know where you're going to stay or how you're going to get from one place to another. I also don't know how far in advance you need to reserve stuff like rooms and transportation or if it's needed at all. I'm pretty sure reservations are required when staying around Machu Picchu as that's the most touristy area and probably the first to get filled up. I found a hotel that's actually owned by someone that's from Seattle so we may stay there. Here's a summary of what we've got so far.

Apr 28/29 - Fly to Cusco and end up in Ollantaytambo
Apr 30 - Machu Picchu
May 01 - Train to Puno (near Lake Titicaca)
May 02-04 - Do stuff around Lake Titicaca
May 05 - Bus to Arequipa
May 06 - Do stuff in Arequipa
May 07 - Fly to Lima
May 08 - Do stuff in Lima
May 09 - Head home (16 hr layover in Panama City so we'll probly do stuff there and get a hotel)
May 10 - Get back to Seattle

Friday, January 28, 2005

Getting car fixed

After the accident I got in, I've finally called my insurance and set up an appointment to have it fixed. Turned out I could use some underinsured motorists coverage that I didn't know about and the deductible is only $300. I needed a police report though so I called the police dept told them about it and said that they had to take a look at the car with in 48 hours. crap so that didn't work out. I emailed the insurance people and told em I couldn't get the police report cuz of the 48 hour thing. They called me back saying they were gonna send me a check for the amount of the estimate i sent them minus the $300. wth? I told em I couldn't get the police report so it should have been a $500 deductible not $300 but whatever I didn't complain. So I got the check in the mail the other day and scheduled my baby's owee to get fixed. Was able to find a ride to work without having to drive my car every day next week except wednesday so I'll be workin from home that day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Funny Sign

I was reading this post on MooCow's Blog and it reminded me of this picture I took in Phoenix.

I'm not even sure what this place was. Was at a restaurant next door and saw the sign and had to take a pic.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Kid Pics

So, I was digging through some old pics I got from my mom from when I was a baby and thought I'd post em. Who needs a scanner when you got a digital camera that you can just take a picture of a picture with? Works just as well! I think I really liked Easter when I was a kid...

According to my mom I was a pretty chubby baby. You wouldn't think so looking at me now. My mom tells me that I went from chubby to skinny in a matter of a week or so. What did it is the chicken pox. She says I lost all that baby fat when I had the chicken pox and I never got it back. I guess I can't complain. There was a time when I was a bit self conscious about my weight. People would call me chicken legs or make up rumors that I was bullemic or something. I even tried making myself gain weight, which didn't work. My mom is the same way so I'll just say it's hereditary. Now I don't see it as being a problem like I did when I was younger. I have to admit it is kind of nice being able to eat anything and not have to worry about gaining weight. I think I weight the same now as I did when I was in high school. At least I don't grow in and out of my clothes. It is kinda hard to find pants that fit me right though.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Stoopid Cingular

Most of you know I work for Cingular (previously ATT Wireless). Their IT dept. is a lot more strict than our old one. As of today we can no longer use any webmail like yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail, etc. I have a webmail setup for my mail so I figure that probably won't work either but I gave it a try and hey what d'ya know it works. So I'm gonna start using paula @ at work. I wouldn't be surprised if they start cracking down on our IM programs but so far those are safe. whew

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Machu Picchu

It just so happens that one of the places on our list of places we are wanting to go to is having a big sale on a package from the west coast so we are going to see if we can get in on that deal. I got vacation approval from my manager already waiting for Doug to get approval from his. It looks like a really good deal. It covers 5 nights but we would like to extend it for a few more days. If you wanna check it out, the deal I got off of my weekly TravelZoo is below:

$799 -- Machu Picchu, Lima & Cusco Pkg. from the West Coast

Doug bought a book on Peru yesterday too, gonna take a look at it after work. Looks like an exciting place though!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Since Moocow hasn't taken one for the team yet, I took it upon myself to do it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go read Poor Role Model's post about Chanticos

I'm not like a chocoholic or anything but I must say this drink from Starbucks sounded intriguing so I thought I'd try it. I'm not really sure what to think actually. Can this really be called a drink? I feel kind of bad for drinking it. Especially right after I got my teeth cleaned. It really does tastes like someone just melted a chocolate bar and put it in a cup. I am willing to bet if I let it cool it will turn solid. It's a good thing it only comes in a 6 oz cup. I'm sure you could get it in a bigger cup if you asked but I don't know how anyone could drink more than that. I'll be lucky if I can finish 6 oz's of it.

Overall I think it's really really bad and really really bad for you, you shouldn't drink it. Does that help Poor Role Model? I don't think you'd like it :)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Where to go on vacation?

Doug and I are trying to decide where to go on vacation this year. We decided to let our friends help us decide. We've narrowed it down to 7 choices. Pick where you think we should go!

Where should we vacation this year?
British Virgin Islands

Canary Islands





Turkey (Istanbul)

Current results


It's monday and I don't want to be at work. Most people get the day off but not us. I have to admit it was nice not having much traffic on the way to work, but I'd rather not have to work at all. I ended up forgetting my laptop at home and didn't realize it till I was about to the vanpool pickup spot which takes about 10 mins to get to from my house so there was no way I had time to go back and get it and still get to the vanpool spot on time so I said screw it and left it at home. I am lucky I guess you could say cuz I'm the only one in my group with two computers. Yes, I not only have a laptop but I also have a desktop. It's not the best desktop however. It doesn't even have a sound card for pete's sake. So I can't listen to my tunies, instead I have to listen to the guy's tunes on the other side of my cube. Why doesn't he use headphones? grrr Most of the files I use on a daily basis are on my other computer. Oh well, at least I can surf the net. No, really there is some stuff I can do on this puter so I'm not just sitting here surfing all day, though I might do that anyway.

Friday, January 14, 2005

My candy dish

So I somehow ended up being the candy supplier for my co-workers. I'm not really sure how it all started but it I'm thinking what happened was I had a bunch of leftover candy from Christmas or Easter or Halloween and I brought it to work in a candy dish just to get rid of it and people started giving me candy to refill it and then well I've just kept it up over the years. I've probably had this thing on the end of my cube for a few years now. I usually provide the candy for it but sometimes I get people bringing me candy to fill it with or give me a couple bucks for it. Here's a pic of my candy bowl that I took with my camera phone.

My candy bowl used to be ceramic. I had this little ceramic bowl that I made in Ceramics class in college. It was one of my first attempts at making a bowl and it wasn't the greatest bowl in the world but I made it. Well one day I found my ceramic candy bowl missing. I come to find out from a co-worker that someone knocked it over and it shattered to pieces. A week or two later I found my bowl back on my cube all glued back together. One of my co-workers felt bad about it so pieced the pieces back together again. Then a couple weeks later it fell and broke to even more pieces and it was then put to rest. I decided a plastic bowl might do better so I went to Target and bought a plastic bowl for a couple bucks and it has worked great.

Right now about all I have is nuts. lots and lost of nuts. Every year for Christmas my mom goes to Sam's Club and gets me and my brother a case of planters peanuts in individually wrapped bags. There's 3 diff kinds. Regular, honey roasted, and cashews. I hoard all the cashes and bring the rest to work to put in my bowl. They seem to last quite a while. People here will eat anything when they're hungry. M&M's seem to go the fastest around here and I actually have some of those but I'm waiting till they eat up some more peanuts before I put the good stuff out.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

First 10 Random Songs

Ok, so everyone is doing this thing where you list the first 10 songs that come up when you shuffle the songs in your library. I'm at home now so here are my first 10. This is out of 557 songs btw...

01) Dido - All You Want
02) Snow Patrol - Fifteen Minutes Old
03) Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
04) Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight
05) Godsmack - Serenity
06) Midnight Clear - Jack's Broken Heart
07) Thornley - Keep a Good Man Down
08) Soul Asylum - Runaway Train (accoustic version)
09) The Killers - All these Things That I've Done
10) Zwan - Lyric

that's a much better list than the previous one I did from off our work's music drive selection.


So me and Doug have been taking Swing dance lessons for a while now. I've lost count of how many we've actually taken. We've taken Swing I, a couple of different Swing II's and we are starting up a swing III class tonight. We also took a partial Lindy class in Seattle. We didn't much like the teacher so we skipped a few sessions. Each class is about 6 sessons long and we meet once a week. They also have various dances once a month or so that we usually try to attend.

Swing dancing is actually making a pretty big come back. It was dead for a long time now it's surprising how many people actually do it. There are always dances going on around Seattle. We usually stick to the dances that our dance teachers have. We went to a dance once at a different place in Seattle and it was really different than what we were used to. It wasn't like a normal dance where you bring someone and dance with them most of the night. Everyone was dancing with everyone else. I must have danced with about 5 or 6 diff guys that night that I didn't even know. It was strange. And it was when I was first starting out too so I felt a little awkward not knowing very many moves and stuff. They were mostly pretty nice and helpful. In the classes we take we dance with everyone in the class too so you get to see how other people dance and some are just really really bad and others are really really good. It's nice to have that variety of people in a class.

So this is our first class after taking a couple months break so we are a bit out of practice. I'm sure we won't have too much trouble getting back into the groove. We went to a wedding around Halloween that was a costume wedding. We did a little bit of swing dancing at that but I think that was the last time. It'll be nice to get going on that again. There's so many moves to learn.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Cookbook

A couple people know about this cookbook that I've started online, but it's not linked to anywhere on my site so it would be pretty hard to find. I probably should put a link up on my front page so people can actually find it or I could just keep it a secret. My online cookbook is something I started back when I was playing AC. We had a thread going on our message board where people were posting recipes so I decided it would be neat to have them all in one place and that's where it started. It has grown a lot since then. I've added co-workers recipes, SWG players recipes and will add more if people send me their fav recipes. So if anyone has any they'd like to share post em here or email em to me and I'll add them to the growing list of recipes. You can find this secret collection of yummy goodness here. I've also got some Alkyhaulic Drink recipes too so send me any good ones you have of those as well.

I just happened to make one of my fav recipes. It's stuffed green peppers. I don't actually have the recipe listed though. You basically make my meat loaf recipe but stuff it into some green peppers and cover it and bake. It's great with mashed tatos. I'm having leftovers for lunch today.

The chicken lasagna rolls are awesome too, I haven't gotten around to making them in a while though, they are a little time consuming to make but oh so good.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No more weather

I've decided I've been talking about weather enough so this post won't be about weather.

So I got a new Kenwood MP3 stereo for my car and got it installed along with the speakers & amp from Doug on Sunday. As I was driving it home I noticed a high pitched buzzing noise coming from the front speakers and it seemed to change pitch as I accelerated. If I turn the stereo up loud enough though I can't hear it. I don't think it's supposed to make that noise though so I'm going to give them a call about it. Also this morning as I was changing the cd the face plate wouldn't go back up. To change a cd you have to hit a button get the face plate to come down and then insert the cd and the face plate is supposed to go back up. Well this morning I pushed the button and it came down I put the cd in and it went back up but it didn't stay up, it was acting like there was something in the way and it just came back down and sat there. ugh. So I need to ask them about that. I got a really good deal on the stereo though it was a floor model so maybe there is something wrong with it. It still comes with a 1 year warranty so if it's messed up they should be able to fix or replace it. It does sound really good though at a high volume!

Monday, January 10, 2005


So that's what one tv station is calling our winter weather which seems to be continuing. I know talking about weather is kinda boring and probly more boring to read so I'll apologize now, I couldn't think of anything else to write about.

I decided to work from home today after checking out a few news websites and seeing this at the top of KOMO's website:

KOMO NEWS ALERT: Road conditions are very icy in the North Sound areas. SR-2 has reopened near Monroe. Weather conditions are causing several school delays this morning.

I have to take SR-2 on the way to work. I have to also go through Monroe to get to work. I couldn't find anywhere where it gave more details on this road closure like it if was on one end of Monroe or the other. I call my vanpool driver and ask her if she's planning to drive. She said yes, I told her about the road closure and that it's really icey so I think she may not drive now. I told her I wasn't going to drive. Later Doug told me he heard about it on the radio and they said it was near Roosevelt Street which I look up and find out it's on the opposite end of Hwy 2 so it wouldn't have affected me. I decide to stay home anyway cuz I'm sure the ice is all over the place. We got a good amount of snow all over the area on sunday morning, it was quite pretty. We may be getting more tonight, stay tuned!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Winter Storm 2005!

Yes indeed Winter Storm 2005 has hit the Seattle area! Take cover! Yah so we got 1/500th of an inch of snow today and people are freaking out. Ok so they got a bit more on the south end of town and the roads were kind of slippery but it's not the end of the world. Some schools were closed due to icey roads. It turns out that this day last year was Winter Storm 2004. We get like two or three days of snow a year sometimes less sometimes more. We might get more snow tonight and tomorrow. If there's enough I may just stay home tomorrow. And apparently, in case you didn't know... Seattle is the best prepared metropolitan area in the country for snow storms. Somehow I find that hard to believe, but it's true!

Last month the National Weather Service singled us out as more prepared to deal with severe winter weather than any other metro area in the country. The National Weather Service credited our 24 hour warning centers, and above average communication during snowstorms. taken from our local Komo News Station's website! Get your ice scrapers and shovels ready!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

boom ba boom

Doug got me a new speaker system for Christmas! yay! Just set up an appointment to have it installed this weekend! double yay! I was jealous of his new car cuz it sounds way better than mine so he decided to get me that for Christmas. Had me totally fooled too. He gave me some hints as to what it might be and I totally thought I knew what it was and I was totally wrong. He said it was big and said I might have trouble finding a place to put it and it's hard to wrap. I was thinking it had to be some kind of exercise equipment with weights. Cuz I wanted to try and do some weight lifting this year to keep my bones strong cuz my obgyn said that at about age 30 women's bones start to deteriorate and that I should do a lot of exercising to keep them strong so that's what I was gonna do this year. I might still get some dumbells or something, but I've decided to start doing yoga regularly. I have a CD at home that I burned from someone or other and I did it last night. Boy it is kinda hard to watch the tv and do yoga at the same time. My neck ended up hurting the next day from trying to watch the tv. Maybe after I do it a few more times I won't have to look at the tv as often.

So anyway I was thinking it had to be weights. And when I came over to open presents there was this one box that was wrapped. Kinda big box, and it was really heavy. I couldn't even lift it up though I didn't try that hard. I could at least push it. I was thinking this must be a box of weights and the equipment to put it on is hiding in the garage or somewhere else in the house. So I go to open it and it turned out to be a 10" subwoofer in a big wooden speaker box. I was quite surprised and had no idea that's what it was. Good job fooling me! He said the rest of it would be kept at the store till we go to install it. Got some new front speakers and an amp to go with it. I guess we can exchange some of the stuff if it's not the right kind or size.

So I talk to my brother cuz he's a stereo nerd. He's got this low riding truck that has a kick ass stereo system that he built himself. He builds speaker boxes for friends and all kinds of other stuff. So I talked to him to get his advice on what kind of speakers and amps are good to get. I think he gave me way more info than I really wanted and don't think I'll follow all his suggestions cuz it would just be way too much money. But I have at least an idea. One thing he strongly suggested I do is to get a new stereo which I wasn't originally planning on. He said that all factory stereo's basically suck ass. He said he's never seen one you can connect an amp to at least no without using a high input adapter, whatever that is, which is supposed to make the sound a lot worse than it would without using one. So I am going to see about that and possible buy myself a new stereo. The stereo I have no does have some flaws, when there's no CD in the CD player and I play the radio, the radio skips out every 60 seconds or so, it's weird. So I have to always have a CD in the player if I'm going to listen to the radio. So Sunday is when we're going to go to Car Toys and have some fun. Supposed to take a few hours to do so we'll just leave it there and come back later to pick it up. Woo!


My teeth have been gradually getting more crooked throughout the years and being one who never went to the dentist when they were a kid, never had teeth cleaned till about age 19, and never had braces. Well now at age 29 I've decided I'm going to get my teeth fixed and insurance will pay about half of it so might as well before they get more messed up than they already are. I went in for a consultation a month or two ago and they gave me a few diff options... 1) jaw surgery, 2) remove two teeth from the top get braces, 3) remove two teeth from the top and two from the bottom and get braces. Invisalign which I was originally checking into wasn't really an option because of my overbite I guess. Jaw surgery kind of scares me so I ruled that out already. Doc things that just removing two on the top should be good enough since lower teeth aren't as crowded. I went and got some xrays done a few weeks ago as the first step. I had another appt this morning to go over the xrays and pictures they took and to talk about the treatment plan and get some moldings made of my teeth. Next step is to get two teeth extracted from the top. That's going to be kind of weird. They're taking out like the 4th tooth from the back so there'll be a big gap there for a while till the rest of my teeth get pushed back to close the gap. I've had my wisdom teeth taken out already so I kind of know what it'll be like. I remember it not being too fun but it'll be a little different taking out teeth that aren't way in the back of your mouth I would think. So I will probably call today and get that appointment set up. Then a week or two after that's done I get spacers put in then bands and impressions done then the actual braces go on. They check em about every 6 weeks or so after that. They'll have to be left on for about 2 years. I just can't wait to get it started so they can come off as soon as possible. Going to get clear ones on top and the regular metal kind on the bottom. It's amazing how many adults get braces these days. I know quite a few adults that have them and see people with em all the time. That makes it a little easier to do. I think a lot more adults are getting braces now than there used to be. Guess I better call and set up my appointment...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

COH Update Issue #3

There's a new update out today for CoH. I'm not sure of all the kewl features yet, but just found out about this one. I guess there's a mission slider now, here's the details.

The mission slider makes your missions harder. The first level higher gives you a normal mission with more mobs in it. The second one up gives you normal numbers, but at +1 levels. Third up gives you +1s in increased numbers, and the highest setting gives you normal numbers of +2s and +3s.

Here's a link to the official updates page.

Cheap Soy Sauce

So I grew up in MT and we didn't eat out much, not like there was much to choose from. My dad just doesn't like going out to eat. I'm not sure why but I don't think my family once went out to eat at a sit down restaurant. Last time Doug and I were there a few years ago we actually got them to go out, but the only place my dad will eat is at the Taco Treat over there. And only because it was also a bar and had poker/keno machines. Never had sushi or good seafood till I moved to Seattle cuz we just didn't have them back in MT. I think we actually had a Red Lobster in Billings which I think I got to go to once and loved it, which is pretty sad. No good chinese restaurants either we never even got take out. We sometimes ordered pizza for delivery. If my mom drove, I think we probably would have gotten out a bit more, but she didn't. My dad always came home late and we would usually have already eaten by the time he got home. My dad did the grocery shopping, sometimes mom would go with him but usually he did it by himself. She would make the list and he would go to the store and get what was on the list buying the cheapest thing he could find. Like Pepsodent or something toothpaste, Albertsons brand soda pop, and La Choy soy sauce. I grew up with La Choy soy sauce. I'm not sure if it was the only option at the grocery store but it was always what we ended up with. Not that I'm complaining I love the stuff. And if you take La Choy and compare it to the other brands out there they taste nothing alike. It's like comparing red and white wine. I have a hard time with all these other soy sauces because it's not what I'm used to I guess. Every place I go seems to use Kikkoman soy sauce which was I think the first kind I had bought when I moved here thinking they all taste pretty much the same. Boy was I wrong. I couldn't even eat the stuff I thought it was nasty. I think I may have ended up throwing it out and went back and got La Choy. It's not always easy to find either. It seems a lot of the chinese places out there use kikkoman too. I refused to use the stuff for the longest time. It's starting to grow on me but I still prefer my La Choy.

Monday, January 03, 2005

New Years Eve

It seems around here people always wait to the last minute to plan anything for New Years Eve. Doug and I decided that it was because people are hoping to get invited to a party and when they don't they decide to throw one at the last minute cuz no one else is. We'll stick with that... I was surfing the net earlier that day trying to find something that we could do since we hadn't been invited to any parties yet. There was some live band party thing going on at Pioneer Square downtown that looked promising. I think what we finally decided to do was go some place downtown and work our way back to Bothell through out the evening stopping at various places. It was decided I would be the designated driver cuz well I don't really like getting drunk all that much and it just made sense. We got a call from a friend later that day to see what we were up to for New Years and if we wanted to hang out with him and some other friends. We had no other plans really so we decided we'd do that. He mentioned something about going to watch fireworks at a park around 7 or something. Then we got to thinking um why would they do fireworks at 7 shouldn't they do them at midnight? So we asked him about it and he apparently got 4th of July and New Years mixed up. Oops so he had to call a bunch of people back telling them that wasn't going to happen. Then we get another call from another friend inviting us to a house party at their place. We talk to our other friend again about the party and ask if he wants to go to that and that is what we did. He ended up ditching his other friends which I guess decided to just stay home and drink in the backyard to go to this party with us.

So that is what we did. We went out to dinner first then off to this party where they had some cheese fondu and store bought sushi sampler plate, which was not all that tasty. The sushi that is the fondu was alright, but I was still full from dinner so I didn't eat much of it. Around 11:45 we left the house, a big group of people stampeding through town to this park that has the best view of Seattle in the city, (I actually won a photo contest for a pic I took at this park) carrying about 5 bottles of champaigne and a stack of plastic cups. Took us a lil over 15 mins to get there and it was unbelievably crowded. So we were a little bit late but we got to see a minute or two of the fireworks, they were pretty kewl (sorry Moocow)! Oh it was also raining. We popped open our bottles of champaigne and poured out cups for everyone. The rain stopped and we waddled on back to the house. We got warmed up and had a few more drinks. Had some weird German spiced wine that you drink hot and I can't remember what it was called but it was yummy. Thanks Brian!

A few more drinks were had by all. I'm not sure how much Doug drank that night but he was a bit intoxicated. Doug went out to hang out with some of the smoker peeps outside and came back maybe a half hour later excited or proud or i'm not sure what about having smoked a cigarette. We both can't stand cigarettes so I'm not sure what made him smoke one. He blamed it on the intoxication. I have to admit I was a little upset by this. It's the nastiest habit evar and it makes you stinky. bleh. My ex had this bad habit which he tried to hide from me for the longest time. He never started this habit till after we got married and I was rather furious about it. I had swore the last time I had dated someone who smoked I'd never date a guy that smoked again and here I was married to a smoker. Anyway that's another story. So when Doug told me he had a cigarette I got upset. It really shouldn't have bothered me, but it did. It's not like he does it all the time or even occasionally, it's almost never. I just didn't understand why. Why do it if you don't like it? Why even try it? I guess my thought is you might one day try it and decide you like it afterall and then you'll be addicted to it and won't be able to stop doing it. Both my parents smoked and still do. My mom actually had me going to the store for her to buy cigarettes when I was a kid. 12 year old kid going to the store to buy her parents cigarettes. It sucked. Sometimes the chick at the store would ask to call my mom cuz they thought I was buying em for myself. Or I'd bring a note signed by mom mom so they would give them to me. I hated it! I don't like visiting them for long because their house and car and everything reeks of smoke. I was glad the day I left the house. Bye Bye nasty cigarettes.