Friday, December 17, 2004

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who likes kitties?

Is this what your cats do with your Christmas Tree? Wonder what mine would do.


  1. I haven't tried a tree out on my cat...Elvira, my first kitty, played dive bomber so much with my trees that I don't do them much anymore. I just enjoy everyone else's trees instead.

  2. Gappy that is so funny. Love the tree diving shots, perhaps the next winter Olympic sport?

    Well.. My tree is up, but currently it has no decorations. It’s a beginning?

    We had a really nice tree stand for several years, but I tossed it out with the tree still in it a couple years ago. (The same year I tossed the husband, if I remember right.) I had a spare tree stand and that would have worked fine, except on of the pointy things in the bottom of the pan was broken, and the tree trunk was small, so it didn’t really fit well. Then, it broke something else – I’m not sure what, I never really found out from My son – but it was deemed necessary to purchase a new tree stand.

    This new stand has 5 screws that swivel on the base – it reminds me somewhat of the robot from Lost in Space – anyway, it spins and is supposed to make it easier to fit the tree into the base. Except, the trunk is kinda small, remember. So… with garden stakes in abundance in the garage to brace and span the distance from screws to trunk, my son and I set forth to place the tree in the stand. Several swear words and minutes later, the tree is solidly in the stand – mostly straight.We have many kitties in our household. 6 years, 4 years and 6 months of age, they all view the tree in a different light. The youngest two, loaners from my cousin who cannot have kitties in her apartment – have made the climb to the top several times. We joke that these little black fur balls are flying monkeys and the tree then, would be a natural habitat for them.. right? I haven’t found them in the tree for a couple days, perhaps the fun has worn off.

    The older cats don’t seem to climb much this year (that we’ve noticed), and that is good. Most of them are over 10 lbs each, and I’m afraid if any one of them decided to ring the bell (rope climbing term from high school gym class) the tree would no longer be mostly straight.

    Tonight we will put lights and cat friendly decorations (not glass, feathers or anything else they might like to pull off that could break – a.k.a. – plastic and fabric) upon the tree and see how long the decorations last.

    Perhaps there will be and update, perhaps not. (I’m hoping for not.)