Friday, December 17, 2004

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A package for me??

So I got home yesterday hoping for a package from Javvy Two packages on my door step! Woo one of them', maybe both, have got to be from him. I brought them in kind of glanced at them but didn't open em yet. I had to get to the post office to send a package and get stamps to send out some Christmas cards. I like going to the post office in Sultan, well not really like but I prefer it to any other, because it's a small town and even during Christmas it's never crowded. So I get to the post office about 4:30 or so and only 2 people in line! woot! And only one of the three, um what do you call post office people? Is it a teller or is that only what you call bank people? hmm. Anyway so there was only one line open I guess there were more but it was so slow so they all went home. See there's some good in living in a small town. So the chick that is first in line has like 12 certified letters to send it took like 10 mins to get em all done. Geez. Line was short but it was taking forever. Then the next chick couldn't find her money. She went through every nick and cranny of her pockets and purse and finally found it after about 5 mins. So by this time the line was getting pretty long. maybe up to a whole 10 people. It didn't take long for me to get my stamps and mail my pkg. Now that that's finally done I stamp my cards and send them off and I head home to check out my packages.

Package #1 - from Serra I ordered some scents for my candles, (cherry sandalwood (my new fav scent), Blackberry Sage, Lilac, and Mulberry) as well as some cherry sandalwood incense oh and some yummy rockin' lip balm.

Package #2 - I'm not sure who it's from, looks like it came from some company in Puyallup, WA. Bet you don't know how to pronounce that. I open it up... Two identical white sweaters with some frillies on it. hmm weird. Ok what else is in here... some Barbie Fruit snacks? what the hell? digging deeper I pull out two pens with christmasy ornaments on the top that blink if you push a button, 6 tennis balls, a Crayola dolphin thingy, there's got to be something in here that I can use! Oh wait what's this? ooh a DVD. It's probly Barnie's Christmas Carol or something. I'm afraid to look. I peak thru one eye... hmm it's a Jacki Chan movie! Hey and it's in my Netflix queue! SCORE! Around the World in 80 Days. Weird none of my Netflix friends have even seen this movie yet. Hope it's good. Maybe I'll give it to Doug for Christmas. After going through all the goodies I double check the box to make sure it was really supposed to go to me and not my neighbor.

Hmm ya that's me alright. I was wondering if I should post my address in here or not but hell if someone wanted to know where I lived it wouldn't be that hard to figure out. Now you all don't have to look it up to send me my Christmas presents ;)

Doug was saying if a package is addressed to you than you get to keep the goods. Oh I did find a card in the box too it said Merry Christmas Brianna and Brittany. I'm thinking this box was meant to go to someone with twin girls. Lucky me. Twins do run in my mom's side of the family so I guess I could have twins, but I don't... nor do I want them.


  1. Very subtle, Paula. :)

    That's a total SCORE on the goodies! Do you know anyone who would have mislabled a box and sent it to you?

  2. Nope no clue. I don't know anyone that has kids named Brianna and Brittany either. I have a few friends with Brianna kids but not Brittany I dont think.

  3. I am MOST happy you likee! I blend the Cherry Sandalwood, so don't order someone else's and expect the same scent--I cooked that one up on my own.

    If you like that, you should try the Enigma incense...

  4. Puh-ya'll-up with the emphasis on ya'll.

    I like saying pull-ya'll-up though instead cause it sounds fun.

  5. actually it is pronounced: pew (or pyoo) all up