Wednesday, December 15, 2004

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My dad, the computer nerd

I find this really hard to believe. My dad, the computer hater has turned into a computer lover overnight. A couple years ago he was convinced that computers were the most evil thing on the planet. When I gave my mom my old computer after getting a new computer years ago, she used it occasionally mostly to look at pics I send her that I've taken on my digital camera or play silly games like solitaire. Then she got a digital camera and started downloading her own pics to her computer. For years my dad would not touch the computer he even claimed he wished my mom would get rid of it cuz he didn't want it in the house as if it was my brother's ex-girlfriend. Yah my brother had this crazy bitch of a girlfriend which I will leave for another post. So my dad hated this thing so my mom kept it in a spare bedroom with the door closed and wouldn't use it if my dad was home. Then all of a sudden this year, I don't know how it started, but all of a sudden he was using the computer, mainly the internet. He knew nothing about computers nothing about the internet, nothing about spam, nothing about popups, nothing about viruses. Someone really should have given him a lesson before he started using it. He would click on all those popups that come up when you use the internet. Download free smiley's, click here! So he'd click it then he asks my mom how to use the smileys as if she knew any more than he did. I think she's getting a bit frustrated with him. He's always asking her how to do this and that on the computer and she doesn't know. They even bought a computer for dummy's book and are subscribed to PC Computing or some such magazine. She's been using the computer for a while but she's still clueless. She can do a couple things on it but really doesn't know much more than my dad does. I'm sure they've gotten countless viruses on my computer and my brother has reformatted their drive countless times to get rid of them. So now my dad is this internet junky he checks his email every day he spends hours and hours on the internet on the weekends doing who knows what. I can never get a hold of them because he's always on the internet and they don't have high speed internet or voicemail so when I call it just rings and rings. Someone should tell him about High Speed I'm sure he'd love it. He was able to get his Denmark Birth Certificate by sending a few emails. I'm really surprised he was able to do that all by himself. He somehow contacted the hospital he was born at and they sent it to him for free. Go figure. And now I just found out he's discovered the world of ebay and has been buying stuff off of that. What could be next?


  1. My dad, when he first bought a computer was working through Freecell.

    Every game. Starting with #1. I think he eventually gave up, but he was up over 1000 at some point.

  2. He's gonna be all over the porn now, Paula! Start the fumigation now.

  3. Yah I'm sure he's gotten into it by now. Can't wait to check out the history see what he's been up to ;)