Monday, December 13, 2004

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Christmas x 3

So this year it looks like I'll be having 3 Christmas'. Had the first one on Sunday. Went to Doug's AP's (Aged Parents we call em) on Sunday. His sister has decided to move back to the NW with her husband and 3 boys (ages 1, 3, and 5 or there abouts). The nice woman that Doug's mom is has decided to let this family move in with them temporarily. This is a brand new house that overlooks a bay in Port Townsend. They have put a lot of work into getting this house built and getting the yard/garden all done up. They're supposed to stay in the downstairs area of the house but we'll see how well that works. The AP's are snowbirds so they go to Florida in the winter and are leaving the family in their house while they're gone. When they get back up on their feet and find jobs and start making some money and find a new place to live they're out of there. Just being there for a few hours on Sunday made me think they are crazy to let them live there. They knew how awnry these kids were before they let them move in and I have a feeling they are really going to make a mess of things. They ended up moving a ton of stuff into their bedroom and are going to lock it so they can't get in but I'm sure they can find plenty of other things to get their hands on and destroy. Anyway so that's Christmas #1

Christmas #2 will be at my parents house in Montana. I'll be leaving on the 19th and heading to CA for a visit with a friend I haven't seen in years and then from there, going to Montana and staying with the 'rents there for a few days and having our little Christmas. I'm not sure when the last time I was there for Christmas was. Doug unfortunately isn't going to be going with me. He is on call the week leading up to Christmas and plane tickets are just outrageous now anyway. So, I'll be back to Seattle on the 26th. Good thing is Doug will be able to give me a ride to and from the airport so I won't have to pay for silly parking.

Christmas #3 will be with Doug and I think we've decided to have Christmas on New Years. That will give me a little extra time to do some Christmas shopping. I've decided to get my family's Christmas presents while I'm there so I don't have to drag them all across the country.

I've got a few of my Christmas stuff out. I haven't bought a Christmas tree in over 4 years I think but last year I decided to buy a fake one. But it's not what you think it's not one of those fake trees that looks like a real one... no, this tree is made of rope lights It has a star on the top and the rope spirals down around this pole. It's so easy to set up and doesn't need any decorations! ooh I get to do sock puppet!

bro: So are you gonna put up a Christmas tree this year?
me: No I wasn't really planning on it since I won't be here and it just takes too much time to set up and it just wouldn't be worth it.
bro: what about that fake tree?
me: what fake tree? I don't have a fake tree.
bro: you know that one you bought last year with the spiraly lights
me: oh yah I totally forgot about that. I'm so digging that out of the closet.

So I dug it out of the closet. I think it took more time to dig out of the closet and take it out of the box than it did to actually set up. all you do is put the polls together and stick the pole up the stars butt, let go and plug it in. That's the kind of tree I like. Yah I think I've gotten a little lazy in my old age. I got a few other things I like to take out every year for Christmas like some stuff I got from Party Lite a few years ago. I have these really neat peppermint scented candles that are shaped like snow balls. One big one and two little ones. They still smell good after years of Christmas' People always ask me why I don't just light em. I just look at them funny and ask if they're crazy. I couldn't light these things they are just too pretty and smell so good. I can't imagine not having them every year. I also got this kewl white ceramic angel candle holder that holds tapers (is that what they're called? those really long skinny candles?) This was actually intended to be a Christmas present for my mom a few years ago but well I decided I liked it myself so I kept it. Has anyone else done that? Bought a gift for someone and liked it so much you decided to just keep it? I feel just a little bad for keeping it, but it's not like I didn't get her anything at all...


  1. yer ahead of me... i've got zero christmas decorations up...