Tuesday, December 28, 2004

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Now I know where I get it from. I love butter! When I was a kid my mom used to get those sticks of butter and I would lick the butter off of the butter wrapper. I haven't done it since I was a kid and I totally forgot I did that till I started buying stick butter this year, I was kinda tempted though. So I'm at my family's for Christmas and my mom decides to make some bisquick pancakes (tip use the recipe that has lemon juice and paking powder in it it's way better) for breakfast. My mom also buys the tubs of margarine and we used that for the pancakes. Well apparently the tub is almost gone and she claims there was only a little left so she scoops out the rest of the contents in the margerine tub onto her pancakes. OMG that was disgusting. I thought I was bad but this was just really bad. I had to get a pic of it. So me and my brother continued to tease her about her butter fetish, it was fun. But I do love butter. I put gobs on potatos. mmm So here's the pic:


  1. WOW - how about some pancake with your butter? My kids (teens) are like that with whipped topping on pie - or pie with the topping. :)

    My mom has a butter fettish too, but it is more - butter on everything - than an excess all at once.

    I only purchase stick butter during the holiday baking season, for ease of use, but I still catch myself lickin' the wrapper. Glad to know I'm in good company!

  2. Grend31 puts a TON of butter on waffles. There's a whole stick of butter in there already and he puts on even more! He sure loves his waffles.

  3. Wafflles?!?!?! WHERE??!?! Where are the waffles?!?!?! GIMME GIMME GIMME...

  4. Dat does not look like the pany cake any more!

  5. You do realize I have to go make pancakes now...yes, that's overload on the butter, but...

    Bisquick mix with lemon juice and baking powder, hm?

    But first I need to go play in the shea butter (not to be confused with cow butter--it doesn't taste nearly as good).

  6. Ah, the potato with gobs of butter...

    ...and mounds of shredded cheese...
    ...and a heaping of sour cream...

    a triple dairy delight....

    ...my mouth waters at the vision of it...
    ...my heart stops just at the thought of it...

    Yes! I'll take the Triple Dairy Delight potato and the shock paddles to go please!

  7. The amazing thing is, in spite of the butter, Gapey's mother is as slender as she is. I really need that metabolism.

  8. More butter, more butter, MORE BUTTER! Did I say I liked butter on things? And on pancakes. Well, it's not pancakes if you can see top of the pancakes through the yellow stuff on top.