Tuesday, December 07, 2004

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So I got into my first car accident in oh about 7 years I guess. The first one I was in was just a fender bender barely hit the car in front of me and didn't do any damage at all to my Ford Explorer but did a little damage to the other car. It was like 1 am on the night of valentines day not far from home. The cops came blah blah it was a late night. This morning I admit it was totally my fault. I was turning left and the light I think had just changed from a green arrow to just a green light which I'm supposed to yield at. I saw green and was following the car in front of me not realizing that oncoming traffic was coming till it was too late. It's not like anyone was going very fast and I just caught a bit of the side of one car with the front left corner of my car. It didn't do too much damage to either car. So I pulled over and waited for a few mins. After a while the guy comes along that was in the car. We were both fine just a lil damage to both cars. He made me an offer that I took. Instead of exchanging insurance information, I gave him some money for his crappy old car. He said that the rim was rubbing against one of the tires so he would have to get it towed. Yah ok whatever I probably should have taken a look at his car to see if this was true or not but I didn't really want to deal with it he wasn't parked near me. There were also a few witnesses including a bus driver, no cops came though thankfully. I know if we would have exchanged insurance info My rates would have gone up and I would probly end up paying more than what I gave him. So I gave him $350 and we went our separate ways. No idea what it's gonna cost to get mine fixed. It's still functional, lights seem to work,there's some denting and I think the cover on one of the smaller lights in the front came off. There's a place not far from work I think I may take it to to get an estimate of the damage during lunch. I'm not sure if I should mention this to my insurance at all or not. I may wait to see how much it's going to cost to get fixed first. Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. Bleh got one estimate. $1800 in damages and 4 days to repair. Bumper apparently needs to be replaced. :( Going to get a few more estimates.