Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas Vacation Pics

Here's some pics I took while I was in CA and MT over Christmas Vacation.

CA Pics
MT Pics

Golden Globies

So I decided to take a look to see what movies are up for Globes and I haven't seen a single movie that was nominated for Best Motion Picture - Drama so I put them all my Netflix queue :) We've actually seen almost all of the Musical/Comedy ones that were nominated and the ones we haven't seen I have no desire to.


Andrew Lloyd Webber's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
SIDEWAYS (seen it)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Now I know where I get it from. I love butter! When I was a kid my mom used to get those sticks of butter and I would lick the butter off of the butter wrapper. I haven't done it since I was a kid and I totally forgot I did that till I started buying stick butter this year, I was kinda tempted though. So I'm at my family's for Christmas and my mom decides to make some bisquick pancakes (tip use the recipe that has lemon juice and paking powder in it it's way better) for breakfast. My mom also buys the tubs of margarine and we used that for the pancakes. Well apparently the tub is almost gone and she claims there was only a little left so she scoops out the rest of the contents in the margerine tub onto her pancakes. OMG that was disgusting. I thought I was bad but this was just really bad. I had to get a pic of it. So me and my brother continued to tease her about her butter fetish, it was fun. But I do love butter. I put gobs on potatos. mmm So here's the pic:

Friday, December 17, 2004

Out of here!

Today is my last day of work for a week. Leaving for CA on Sunday and then off to MT and then back home. I'll be back on the 26th. I may be able to hop online for a few mins while I'm in MT to check up on emails and blogs. If I don't talk to anyone till I get back have a Merry Christmas!

who likes kitties?

Is this what your cats do with your Christmas Tree? Wonder what mine would do.

A package for me??

So I got home yesterday hoping for a package from Javvy Two packages on my door step! Woo one of them', maybe both, have got to be from him. I brought them in kind of glanced at them but didn't open em yet. I had to get to the post office to send a package and get stamps to send out some Christmas cards. I like going to the post office in Sultan, well not really like but I prefer it to any other, because it's a small town and even during Christmas it's never crowded. So I get to the post office about 4:30 or so and only 2 people in line! woot! And only one of the three, um what do you call post office people? Is it a teller or is that only what you call bank people? hmm. Anyway so there was only one line open I guess there were more but it was so slow so they all went home. See there's some good in living in a small town. So the chick that is first in line has like 12 certified letters to send it took like 10 mins to get em all done. Geez. Line was short but it was taking forever. Then the next chick couldn't find her money. She went through every nick and cranny of her pockets and purse and finally found it after about 5 mins. So by this time the line was getting pretty long. maybe up to a whole 10 people. It didn't take long for me to get my stamps and mail my pkg. Now that that's finally done I stamp my cards and send them off and I head home to check out my packages.

Package #1 - from Serra I ordered some scents for my candles, (cherry sandalwood (my new fav scent), Blackberry Sage, Lilac, and Mulberry) as well as some cherry sandalwood incense oh and some yummy rockin' lip balm.

Package #2 - I'm not sure who it's from, looks like it came from some company in Puyallup, WA. Bet you don't know how to pronounce that. I open it up... Two identical white sweaters with some frillies on it. hmm weird. Ok what else is in here... some Barbie Fruit snacks? what the hell? digging deeper I pull out two pens with christmasy ornaments on the top that blink if you push a button, 6 tennis balls, a Crayola dolphin thingy, there's got to be something in here that I can use! Oh wait what's this? ooh a DVD. It's probly Barnie's Christmas Carol or something. I'm afraid to look. I peak thru one eye... hmm it's a Jacki Chan movie! Hey and it's in my Netflix queue! SCORE! Around the World in 80 Days. Weird none of my Netflix friends have even seen this movie yet. Hope it's good. Maybe I'll give it to Doug for Christmas. After going through all the goodies I double check the box to make sure it was really supposed to go to me and not my neighbor.

Hmm ya that's me alright. I was wondering if I should post my address in here or not but hell if someone wanted to know where I lived it wouldn't be that hard to figure out. Now you all don't have to look it up to send me my Christmas presents ;)

Doug was saying if a package is addressed to you than you get to keep the goods. Oh I did find a card in the box too it said Merry Christmas Brianna and Brittany. I'm thinking this box was meant to go to someone with twin girls. Lucky me. Twins do run in my mom's side of the family so I guess I could have twins, but I don't... nor do I want them.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Land Slide

Someone just sent me this link With all the rain we've had recently it doesn't surprise me that stuff like this happened. This happened in Sultan, which is a little town, of about 3,000 people, where I happen to live. It totally sucks when there's flooding though. Normally it will take me about 50 mins to get to work and home. Duvall is a town I have to drive through to get to work and there's 3 diff bridges that can be taken to get from Duvall to Redmond, where I work. When it's flooding only one of the three bridges is open and traffic suxors! It took me 2 hours to get home the other night. Usually it doesn't stay flooded for more than a day or two and sometimes if I know the bridge is out I'll just work from home. It happens every year at least a couple times throughout the winter. It's a small price to pay. One of the main reasons I live so far away from work is cuz the housing is way cheaper. I have a 1400 sqft house with a 1/3 acre yard and a garage. I probably couldn't get an apartment living in Redmond for the price I pay for my house. I live in a cul de sac near a dead end road so we don't get much traffic going by which I really like. Before that I usually lived near a busy street and would hear cars driving by at all hours. I lived in Renton on a hill before moving there and it was near a busy interstate and there was non-stop car noises. I like the peacefulness of where I live. The dog barkings can get annoying at times but it's usually not too bad. I wouldn't mind moving sometime to a place with a smaller yard, I just don't have the time to keep all my trees and plants and grass and garden up like it needs. Moving sucks though. This was my first home and it's a lot easier to buy a house when you don't have one to sell. Not looking forward to having to go through that mess.

My dad, the computer nerd

I find this really hard to believe. My dad, the computer hater has turned into a computer lover overnight. A couple years ago he was convinced that computers were the most evil thing on the planet. When I gave my mom my old computer after getting a new computer years ago, she used it occasionally mostly to look at pics I send her that I've taken on my digital camera or play silly games like solitaire. Then she got a digital camera and started downloading her own pics to her computer. For years my dad would not touch the computer he even claimed he wished my mom would get rid of it cuz he didn't want it in the house as if it was my brother's ex-girlfriend. Yah my brother had this crazy bitch of a girlfriend which I will leave for another post. So my dad hated this thing so my mom kept it in a spare bedroom with the door closed and wouldn't use it if my dad was home. Then all of a sudden this year, I don't know how it started, but all of a sudden he was using the computer, mainly the internet. He knew nothing about computers nothing about the internet, nothing about spam, nothing about popups, nothing about viruses. Someone really should have given him a lesson before he started using it. He would click on all those popups that come up when you use the internet. Download free smiley's, click here! So he'd click it then he asks my mom how to use the smileys as if she knew any more than he did. I think she's getting a bit frustrated with him. He's always asking her how to do this and that on the computer and she doesn't know. They even bought a computer for dummy's book and are subscribed to PC Computing or some such magazine. She's been using the computer for a while but she's still clueless. She can do a couple things on it but really doesn't know much more than my dad does. I'm sure they've gotten countless viruses on my computer and my brother has reformatted their drive countless times to get rid of them. So now my dad is this internet junky he checks his email every day he spends hours and hours on the internet on the weekends doing who knows what. I can never get a hold of them because he's always on the internet and they don't have high speed internet or voicemail so when I call it just rings and rings. Someone should tell him about High Speed I'm sure he'd love it. He was able to get his Denmark Birth Certificate by sending a few emails. I'm really surprised he was able to do that all by himself. He somehow contacted the hospital he was born at and they sent it to him for free. Go figure. And now I just found out he's discovered the world of ebay and has been buying stuff off of that. What could be next?

Monday, December 13, 2004

Christmas x 3

So this year it looks like I'll be having 3 Christmas'. Had the first one on Sunday. Went to Doug's AP's (Aged Parents we call em) on Sunday. His sister has decided to move back to the NW with her husband and 3 boys (ages 1, 3, and 5 or there abouts). The nice woman that Doug's mom is has decided to let this family move in with them temporarily. This is a brand new house that overlooks a bay in Port Townsend. They have put a lot of work into getting this house built and getting the yard/garden all done up. They're supposed to stay in the downstairs area of the house but we'll see how well that works. The AP's are snowbirds so they go to Florida in the winter and are leaving the family in their house while they're gone. When they get back up on their feet and find jobs and start making some money and find a new place to live they're out of there. Just being there for a few hours on Sunday made me think they are crazy to let them live there. They knew how awnry these kids were before they let them move in and I have a feeling they are really going to make a mess of things. They ended up moving a ton of stuff into their bedroom and are going to lock it so they can't get in but I'm sure they can find plenty of other things to get their hands on and destroy. Anyway so that's Christmas #1

Christmas #2 will be at my parents house in Montana. I'll be leaving on the 19th and heading to CA for a visit with a friend I haven't seen in years and then from there, going to Montana and staying with the 'rents there for a few days and having our little Christmas. I'm not sure when the last time I was there for Christmas was. Doug unfortunately isn't going to be going with me. He is on call the week leading up to Christmas and plane tickets are just outrageous now anyway. So, I'll be back to Seattle on the 26th. Good thing is Doug will be able to give me a ride to and from the airport so I won't have to pay for silly parking.

Christmas #3 will be with Doug and I think we've decided to have Christmas on New Years. That will give me a little extra time to do some Christmas shopping. I've decided to get my family's Christmas presents while I'm there so I don't have to drag them all across the country.

I've got a few of my Christmas stuff out. I haven't bought a Christmas tree in over 4 years I think but last year I decided to buy a fake one. But it's not what you think it's not one of those fake trees that looks like a real one... no, this tree is made of rope lights It has a star on the top and the rope spirals down around this pole. It's so easy to set up and doesn't need any decorations! ooh I get to do sock puppet!

bro: So are you gonna put up a Christmas tree this year?
me: No I wasn't really planning on it since I won't be here and it just takes too much time to set up and it just wouldn't be worth it.
bro: what about that fake tree?
me: what fake tree? I don't have a fake tree.
bro: you know that one you bought last year with the spiraly lights
me: oh yah I totally forgot about that. I'm so digging that out of the closet.

So I dug it out of the closet. I think it took more time to dig out of the closet and take it out of the box than it did to actually set up. all you do is put the polls together and stick the pole up the stars butt, let go and plug it in. That's the kind of tree I like. Yah I think I've gotten a little lazy in my old age. I got a few other things I like to take out every year for Christmas like some stuff I got from Party Lite a few years ago. I have these really neat peppermint scented candles that are shaped like snow balls. One big one and two little ones. They still smell good after years of Christmas' People always ask me why I don't just light em. I just look at them funny and ask if they're crazy. I couldn't light these things they are just too pretty and smell so good. I can't imagine not having them every year. I also got this kewl white ceramic angel candle holder that holds tapers (is that what they're called? those really long skinny candles?) This was actually intended to be a Christmas present for my mom a few years ago but well I decided I liked it myself so I kept it. Has anyone else done that? Bought a gift for someone and liked it so much you decided to just keep it? I feel just a little bad for keeping it, but it's not like I didn't get her anything at all...

Blog Crazy!

This blogging has just gotten crazy. Started out with MooCow now everyone's got one and I'm having a hard time keeping up. I haven't really read anything since last Thursday so have spent most of the morning just catching up. I'm wondering if it's just a phase and it will taper off or if this blogging thing is going to get kept up. I have my live journal that I post in once in a blue moon. I don't think I post much more in it now than when I first got it. You bloggers seem to post much more than my livejournal friends. I can't imagine how many posts there will be while I'm on vacation for a week for Christmas starting this coming Sunday. I will probably have to spend hours and hours catching up when I get back. I do enjoy reading about my friends' past and present and whatever is on their minds. It seems kind of weird having both a livejournal and a blog and I'll probably crosspost a few of my posts but will most likely post more on the blog. It's just a different audience I guess. My livejournal audience is mostly people I met through Burningman while my blog audience is mostly people I've met online. Good to see Moe is joining in the fun!

Thursday, December 09, 2004


So most of you know I work for Cingular Wireless, formerly AT&T Wireless. We got bought out by Cingular and it's been official for a month or two now. There hasn't really been a whole lot of changes really. old ATT Wireless is actually called Cingular Blue now and Cingular before we joined em is called Cingular Orange. I think it's kind of silly but I guess they wanted to drop the ATT name all together and that's the best thing they can come up with. I still do the same thing I always did. There are a lot of people that are worried about their jobs wondering if they're going to have one come next year or not. Some people have already turned in their resignation and have jobs lined up or have already left. As for me I'm not really worried. I see all the work that is planned for next year and my team plays a big part in getting the work done. One of my co-workers that left recently, well she hasn't officially left she has moved to Denver and is supposedly "working remotely" till the end of the year so she can get her bonus and is also starting her new job in Denver at the same time. I'm not really sure how that's supposed to work but that's what she's planning on doing ok where was I going with this? OH yah so this co-worker that "left" thinks that out of the 6 people in our group I'm probably the most likely one to keep my job with Cingular. It makes me feel good to hear things like that. I dont know if that's true but I like to think that. I do have more experience than anyone with the database we use and Cingular also uses so that puts me ahead of everyone in that area but I dont have near as much experience with the technical aspect as some. I don't really think our whole team will get thrown to the curb but I could maybe see one or two being let go.

I have noticed a downgrade in what's the word employee satisfaction I guess will work. I was the first one into work today on my team and usually everyone gets here around the same time. So I was the first one here and I was even a little late I'm still the only one here. We accrue our vacation and our sick leave and I think people have mounds of sick leave and they are just taking it whenever they feel like as if it's vacation. People come in late, leave early, don't come in at all, it's kind of sad. But whatevar, I try to do my best. Usually if I come in late I'll leave late and I don't take sick leave when I'm not sick very often. I have to admit I am doing this on friday but I've only done it a couple times before not like every other week like some people do around here.

Going to see a concert tonight (Snow Patrol, The Shins, Modest Mouse, Keane, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand) and will most likely be out late so I'm thinking I'm not going to want to go to work the next day. I'm really looking forward to this concert too it's going to be awesome! I've seen Snow Patrol in concert a few months ago and they were AWEsome so can't wait to see them again and I've been really wanting to see Modest Mouse and The Killers for some time but just haven't been able to go any of the times they've ben here. So this time I'm going and it's gonna be great!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christmas Songs

It seems like people either like Christmas songs or they hate Christmas songs. I'm actually one of those peoples that hates them. I think I've pin-pointed when my hatred of Christmas songs began. I'm pretty sure when I was a kid I used to like them until one year I got my very first radio for Christmas. It was a happy time. My brother and I both got one. We had never had a radio of our own before we always had to listen to mom's oldies on her radio so we didn't really know how much of a variety of music there was out there. I remember plugging it in and searching for radio stations. I found one! Oh it's Christmas songs let's see what else we have. Here's another one oh it's another Christmas song. We sat there going through station after station trying to find something other than Christmas songs playing. I don't think we ever found one that wasn't playing Christmas songs. I wanted to hear some normal music dammit. I tried later that night before going to bed but alas nothing but Christmas songs. It seemed days before stations stopped playing Christmas songs and I was able to enjoy my Christmas present. I think from then on I didn't like Christmas songs. I get annoyed when I'm forced to listen to Christmas music in stores and especially when I'm put on hold when I'm on the phone and they're playing Christmas music as their hold music. arrgh stoopid Christmas music

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

New Title

I suck at coming up with creative things such as Blog Titles. With the help of Grend3l I now have something a little more exciting to call my Blog. Thanks! Agape's Blogger was just well boring and was the only thing I could come up with in such short notice so I can post on Javvy's blog.


So I got into my first car accident in oh about 7 years I guess. The first one I was in was just a fender bender barely hit the car in front of me and didn't do any damage at all to my Ford Explorer but did a little damage to the other car. It was like 1 am on the night of valentines day not far from home. The cops came blah blah it was a late night. This morning I admit it was totally my fault. I was turning left and the light I think had just changed from a green arrow to just a green light which I'm supposed to yield at. I saw green and was following the car in front of me not realizing that oncoming traffic was coming till it was too late. It's not like anyone was going very fast and I just caught a bit of the side of one car with the front left corner of my car. It didn't do too much damage to either car. So I pulled over and waited for a few mins. After a while the guy comes along that was in the car. We were both fine just a lil damage to both cars. He made me an offer that I took. Instead of exchanging insurance information, I gave him some money for his crappy old car. He said that the rim was rubbing against one of the tires so he would have to get it towed. Yah ok whatever I probably should have taken a look at his car to see if this was true or not but I didn't really want to deal with it he wasn't parked near me. There were also a few witnesses including a bus driver, no cops came though thankfully. I know if we would have exchanged insurance info My rates would have gone up and I would probly end up paying more than what I gave him. So I gave him $350 and we went our separate ways. No idea what it's gonna cost to get mine fixed. It's still functional, lights seem to work,there's some denting and I think the cover on one of the smaller lights in the front came off. There's a place not far from work I think I may take it to to get an estimate of the damage during lunch. I'm not sure if I should mention this to my insurance at all or not. I may wait to see how much it's going to cost to get fixed first. Any suggestions are welcome!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Netflix Friend

Does anyone want to be my Netflix friend? I need more friends! I'm like beta testing this new feature Netflix is coming out with called Netflix Friends. It's by invitation only so if you are reading this and want to be my Netflix Friend post your Netflix e-mail addy and I'll send you an invite. Just a lil about Netflix Friends. You can view your friend's favorite movies and least favorite movies too. If you look at your queue there will be a purple icon next to any movies that your friends have rated that you can click on and see what they rated it. I think it's pretty kewl!

Btw, I wasn't even planning on getting a blog but dern Javvy didn't set up his blog so people could post annonymously so I really didn't have any choice I had to sign up for it, it's his fault, he made me do it!